World Cup 2022 in the live blog: Ex-media chief of the World Cup is said to have been tortured

Updated 12/08/2022 10:13 am

  • 10:03 am: ➤ Family: Ex-media boss is said to have been tortured
  • 09:20 am: Sterling wants to return to the national team
  • 08:07 am: That’s what Fifa boss Infantino said to Faeser
  • 07:06: Hainer welcomes Flick’s decision
  • 05:22 am: Messi jokes with Aguero

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➤ Family: Ex-media boss is said to have been tortured

According to his family, whistleblower Abdullah Ibhais was tortured in prison in Qatar shortly before the start of the World Cup. Serious allegations are made in a letter from the family released by Fair Square.

According to the report, the ex-communications director of the Qatar World Cup organizing committee, who has been in prison for around a year, spent four days “in complete darkness in solitary confinement after being physically attacked”. According to the family, Ibhais is said to have been in a cell two meters wide with a hole in the floor as a toilet and at temperatures close to freezing. The air conditioning was used “as an instrument of torture,” it said.

“I already had several bruises from the prison guards’ assaults and I was shaking all the time as the cold air that was directed at me never stopped,” said Ibhais, who also has his say in the letter: “I have in these hardly slept in four days.”

Ibhais had pleaded guilty before his sentencing against WM-OC chief Hassan Al-Thawadi placed. He was sentenced to three years in prison for allegedly accepting bribes. His family spoke of an “arbitrary verdict” and a “mock court”.

In the letter, Ibhais’ family also addresses FIFA and its President Gianni Infantino. FIFA was “partly to blame” for Abdullah’s imprisonment, and the relatives also criticized the “silence” and “indifference” of the world association.

According to media reports, the human rights organization Fair Square is contacting the United Nations (UN) working group on arbitrary detention. FIFA and the World Cup OK confirmed to the British Guardian that they were aware of the contents of the letter. (sid)

An Algerian YouTuber publishes a video in which he explains that he had an argument with Samuel Eto’o and was beaten by him. According to his own statements, he released the video from the police station where he reported Eto’o. The man admits provoking Eto’o. © YouTube

The other news of the day:

BBC: Sterling wants to return to the national team

According to a media report, Raheem Sterling, who left for family reasons, is aiming to return to the English team at the World Cup Train on. The 28-year-old is said to have already informed the FA of this, the BBC reported on Thursday, citing the Chelsea professional’s environment. Sterling had left early after a break-in at his house before the World Cup round of 16 against Senegal (3-0), but kept a return open. Now he could be back in time for the quarter-finals on Saturday (8 p.m. / ZDF and MagentaTV) in Al-Khour against France.

A decision on Sterling’s return to team headquarters in Al-Wakra, south of Doha, is expected to be made this Thursday. It is questionable whether the offensive player, who was actually set by coach Gareth Southgate, will play again from the start after several missed training sessions. Phil Foden of Manchester City recommended. Sterling would be more likely to be expected in a wild card role against the world champion. (dpa)

That’s what Fifa boss Infantino said to Faeser

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser had at the World Cup in Qatar in the stands previously from the Fifa forbidden “One Love” armband worn. A picture of her with Fifa boss Gianni Infantino, who points to the bandage with a strange grin, then went through the media. In “Maischberger” on ARD, Faeser now describes the course of the conversation between her and Infantino at this moment.

“He asked: ‘Is that the bandage?'” says Faeser when asked Sandra Maischberger. “I said: ‘Oh, you don’t even know them? But you banned them!'”

Maischberger is skeptical: “Did you really believe that he had never seen her before?”

Faeser himself isn’t sure: “I don’t know if he looked at them or whatever. In any case, I said to him: ‘It’s not that bad, is it?’ He said that it wasn’t ready to do that yet. And I said: ‘Yes, you could have decided differently.'”

The discussion about the “One Love” bandage had overshadowed the German national team’s first World Cup game against Japan. Of the DFB had buckled in front of Fifa for fear of a sporting punishment. Instead, the players had one Word of mouth gesture caused a stir. (will)

Hainer welcomes Flick’s decision

Herbert HainerPresident of FC Bayern Munich, welcomes Hansi Flick’s whereabouts as national coach and believes in a strong European Championship at home in 2024. “I think that’s good. Hansi Flick has proven at Bayern that he can train a team successfully and has won many titles with us,” said the 68-year-old on Wednesday evening at DAZN. “I am convinced that he can do the same with the national team.”

Flick and the German Football Association agreed on Wednesday after crisis talks that the 57-year-old would withdraw from Qatar despite being eliminated from the preliminary round of the World Cup stays in office. (dpa)

The next big date for Hansi Flick and his national team is the European Championships in Germany in 2024.

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Messi jokes with Aguero

Lionel Messi laughed and joked. No wonder the 35-year-old superstar of the Argentina national soccer team chatted via Twitch with his former roommate Sergio “Kun” Agüero. “Who said I would be here,” said the cheerful Messi. Agüero had previously announced a deluxe stream via Twitter and aroused the curiosity of his followers: “I have a guest, who will it be?”

The 34-year-old Agüero had to end his successful career a year ago. He collapsed on the pitch in October 2021 in FC Barcelona’s game against Alaves. The attacker was found to have cardiac arrhythmias.

Agüero and Messi were almost inseparable in the South American national team, and they always shared a room. (dpa)

Antonio Rüdiger, DFB, World Cup

The German national soccer team failed for the second time in a row in a World Cup preliminary round. Who is particularly to blame for the end? Are there even winners? The testimonies of the national players and those responsible.

With material from sid, afp and dpa.

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