Why have not Caracol and RCN broadcast all the World Cup matches? This is the reason; fans are angry

The eyes of the whole world are on Qatar, as the World Cup party has made millions of fans stop their work just to get excited watching the matches between the different teams from the countries that managed to qualify.

Thus, although the Colombian National Team did not manage to reach the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Colombians have not stopped following soccer and have turned their support to different teams from around the world, even betting among friends, family and co-workers which of all will be the winning selection.

In this sense, it must be said that the fans expected to be able to see all the World Cup matches on open television through the national television channels, Canal RCN and Caracol Tv, who could only access the broadcast of 32 of the 64 matches that were broadcast. They play in the Arab country.

But why?

It is well known that when there are world-class events that need to be broadcast, there is a production company that takes care of it and in order for it to be broadcast on different channels (either analog or digital television) you need to buy the rights.

In Latin America, there is only one person in charge of selling those rights to the channels in the region, but not all the channels have access to the retransmissions that they authorize. [en este caso] Fifa, to provide access to the agreed matches.

In addition, it is not always possible to agree on the broadcast of all the matches, as happened in this World Cup, since the national private channels could only broadcast 32 of them, since the only cable operator that accessed the rights to the entire World Cup is Direct Tv , precisely so that the fans and fans could pay the subscription and see all the matches.

Meanwhile, fans have been very upset and have launched harsh criticism, especially through social networks, where they have expressed their dissatisfaction with both channels, and have even mocked, as usually happens with any topic.

Even the former senator and former Minister of Defense, Rafael Pardo, spoke out against Caracol TV, because this Saturday on his Twitter account he did not hide his annoyance and trilled: “The Caracol TV thing is shameful and disrespectful. They were not able to buy the broadcast rights. betrayed the audience”.

“Before we could see all the World Cup matches on Caracol and RCN and we also had the option of watching them on the satellite channels…” (Sic); “Not even in the worst years of this country, Colombian television was so limited in broadcasting a Soccer World Cup. The last two, especially. Things would improve if Caracol and RCN allowed more competitors to enter” (Sic), were some of the comments from users on Twitter.

As well as “Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the cripples of Caracol and RCN only broadcast one game, but they took all that group of useless people who have Qatar as narrators and commentators” (Sic); “Snail and RCN are a shame!!!, they were not able to broadcast all the World Cup matches, only the ones that DirecTV chooses for Open TV (currently there are 32), but they did send some correspondents to ask nonsense outside of the stadiums, ha!” (Sic).

“Caracol and RCN waited 4 years to only broadcast half of the matches of the #Qatar202 World Cup”, and many more. Even memes began to circulate on that social network, the names of both channels became a trend.



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