“What the team needs is support”


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The former coach says goodbye without anger, thanking Rubiales and Molina for having signed him twice

Luis Enrique ABC

Javier Aspron


Updated at 6:26 p.m.

A few hours after the Spanish Federation announced his goodbye to the bench of the Spanish team, Luis Enrique has called for support, in capital letters, for the national team “so that Luis de la Fuente achieves everything he wants.”

In his farewell letter, the Asturian thanked him on his behalf and that of his coaching staff President Rubiales and José Francisco Molina for signing him twiceand extends it to all RFEF employees and players: «They have been exemplary in their behavior and faithful to the idea raised. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more».

He also remembers the fans: “Who have uniformly conveyed their support to us at all times and especially in the most delicate ones.”

Despite this, he takes advantage of the following paragraph of his letter to launch what he calls “a small reflection”: “What the team needs is SUPPORT (sic) in all its meaning so that Luis de la Fuente achieves everything he wants” .

Luis Enrique ends his letter with a «Let’s go Spain! Until forever. Thank you”.



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