“What are you looking at, fool”: what was not seen after Messi’s outburst after the Netherlands

One of the most unexpected images of the quarterfinal match of the World Cup in Qatar between Argentina and the Netherlands occurred in the mixed zone. The tension with which the last moments of regulation time were lived, with Weghorst’s goal that sent the match into extra timeand the penalties that decided the pass were marked by confrontations and even several brawls that soiled the sportsmanship that should reign in the match.

With a Mateu Lahoz that did nothing to calm down, the players of both teams went to the changing rooms with emotions running high. Proof of this is how Leo Messi began his interview with the TyC Sports channel. The Argentine captain had not started to respond when he, looking outside, insulted someone in these terms: “What are you looking at, fool? What are you looking at, fool? Go there, fool, go there».

The insults of the ’10’ were directed, precisely, towards Weghorst, the author of the Dutch double that almost cost them elimination.

Why did Messi insult a rival like that and with such a bad mood? The answer lies in what was not seen in that interview, and that several colleagues were involved.

Weghorst approached the mixed zone with the intention of shaking Messi’s hand and asking for his shirt. At that moment they intercept him Lautaro Martinez (author of the final goal in the penalty shootout) and the ‘Only’ Aguero, who is in Qatar accompanying his former teammates and acting as a commentator. in the end he finished Lisandro Martínez with a “come on, we are more of a team.”

It was the former Atlético, Manchester City and Barcelona player who explained what happened on ESPN.

“He started saying: ‘Hey, Messi, hey, Messi’. And Leo turned around, he looks at him… There he told him that. The chabón told him ‘come here’ (‘come’). Forget that I jumped there. I tell him ‘shut up’… ‘Shut up’. And yes… Why are you talking to him? If you know that the topic was hot… I told him to shut up. He told me: ‘You don’t say shut up’ (‘don’t tell me to shut up’). I tell him: ‘Okay, you don’t talk to Messi’. Don’t talk to Messi, I mean, he’s done. ‘Okay, shake my hand, good luck’ (‘give me your hand, good luck’). Ok, ready, take it, “said Agüero.

Weghorst acusa a Messi

The gigantic Besiktas footballer recounted his version of events. “I wanted to shake his hand after the game, I have a lot of respect for him as a soccer player, but he threw my hand aside and didn’t want to talk to me. My Spanish is not very good but He said disrespectful words to me and that disappoints meI’m really disappointed,” Weghorst said.

The Dutch mustache player refers to what happened just before Messi’s words, when he waited for him after the anti-doping control to shake his hand.


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