“We wish the best to Pelé”, launches Tite after the hospitalization of the Brazilian legend

Pelé was hospitalized, his daughters want to be reassuring.

The Brazilian Pelé, living legend of football suffering from cancer, was hospitalized for “re-evaluate their chemotherapy treatment“, announced the São Paulo hospital where the triple world champion was admitted, two of his daughters wanting to be reassuring.

Pele, 82,was hospitalized for a reassessment of the chemotherapy treatment followed after the detection of a colon tumor in September 2021“Explained the Albert Einstein Hospital in its medical bulletin on Wednesday.

«After being examined, he was taken to a normal room, with no need for intensive careadded the hospital, pointing out that the Brazilian wasin full control of their vital functions».

«My father is hospitalized to regulate the doses of his medication“, had said earlier on Instagram Kelly Nascimento, who lives in the United States.

«I’m not going to take the next flight, my brothers are in Brazil and I’m going there on New Year’s. I promise you I will post pictures“, she added, to reassure fans after rumors that the state of health of the “RoiPele would have gotten worse.

This hospitalizationis no surprise and there is no rush“, she had insisted.

Another daughter of Pelé, Flavia Nascimento, also wanted to be reassuring.

«There is some confusion because my father went to the hospital for tests. I’m sorry that ill-intentioned media are bringing up non-existent facts, things we don’t know about.“, she lamented in a video on Instagram.

«He is actually doing tests, as usual, to follow the evolution of his cancer. We have to keep sending him the good energies of the World Cup, that’s what he needs».

«We have received the news, we wish the best to Pelé“Said Brazil coach Tite, in the introduction to his press conference before the match against Cameroon at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, presenting him as”probably one of the greatest representatives of Brazil».

The former number 10, who many consider to be the greatest footballer of all time, has regularly visited hospital to undergo chemotherapy sessions since the detection of a colon tumor in August 2021.

Le 23 octobre Pelé, de son vrai nom Edson Arantes do Nascimento, s’est dit «happy“to celebrate his 82 years”with health“, in a video published on Instagram.

Thursday, on the same social network, Pelé asked Seleçao players to “take the trophy home“, the day of the first match of Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar, won 2-0 against Serbia.



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