WC football | Madness in Argentina. Tattoo parlors are booming in Messi’s birthplace

“It’s crazy and it will be for a long time…I think it will take several months. We already had enough orders, an average of fifty consultations a day, now we have over three hundred. We just can’t keep up,” described Maximiliano Carreras from the tattoo studio Orbe from the center of Rosario. According to him, the biggest interest is in the picture of Messi kissing the World Cup. However, the Argentinians also want to tattoo coach Lionel Scaloni, goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez and Ángel Di María, who was also born in Rosario.

Some have simpler requirements, such as a symbolic date or Messi’s name. “We also have requests to perpetuate the message: What are you looking at, idiot!,” said Carreras, referring to the line Messi uttered after the heated quarter-final with the Netherlands, which the Argentine captain addressed to the opponent’s striker Wout Weghorst for his several attacks on the pitch. Messi’s statement has already been used, for example, by an Argentine winery, which printed it on the label of its wines.

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“It’s his first tattoo, we made an appointment a month and a half ago, and he originally wanted a cat. But with our victory at the championship, he changed his mind,” Luciana Diezová, who came to the salon with her son Jerónimo, told EFE. He will soon celebrate his 18th birthday and just got a tattoo of Messi kissing the Champions Cup on his leg. Even Messi has a penchant for tattoos, he has several on his body.

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Another salon in Rosario is experiencing a similar tattoo boom. “We have up to four times more orders for pictures of Messi, Diba Martínez or the cup and other things connected with the championship in Qatar,” EFE quoted the owner of the Slave Tattoo salon. According to him, there is still interest in the tattoo of the legendary Diego Maradona, who died the year before last and who led Argentina to the championship title in 1986.


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