Victory against the Patriots: Buffalo Bills set an example towards the NFL playoffs

Status: 02.12.2022 07:35 a.m

Die Buffalo Bills have knocked out a rival from their division for the first time this season and cemented their NFL playoff ambitions.

The 24:10 against them New England Patriots was the ninth win of the season for the Billsafter defeats against the Miami Heat and the New York Jets earlier in the season but the first in the highly competitive AFC East.

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At least until Sunday they take over Bills thus taking the lead in their division and staying ahead, should the Dolphins not against them san francisco 49ers to win. Only first place in the division guarantees participation in the playoffs. Quarterback Josh Allen impressed with 223 pass yards and two passes for touchdowns.

The Patriots, who dominated the league in Tom Brady’s day, are now bottom of the AFC with six wins and six losses East. They are threatened with a non-playoff season for the second time in three years.


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