Valuable triumph for the women’s Casademont on the Gernika track

The women’s Casademont Zaragoza has achieved an important and disputed victory this Sunday after winning on the Gernika court (59-63). The clash, very even during the 40 minutes, was not resolved until the last seconds, where the success from the free kick gave the victory to the Aragonese. Carlos Cantero’s team climbed to third position with eight wins and four losses, behind Girona and Valencia Basket, with only three days remaining for the end of the first round.

Carlos Cantero warned in the preview that he had this match “marked in red” as “very difficult”. And, although it may seem so, it was not a simple topic. Casademont Zaragoza traveled to Gernika aware of the difficulty involved in the crash, a difficulty that was evident from the initial jump. The first two quarters were of maximum equality between the two sets, with the two teams exchanging the slight advantage in electronic. Neither the Basques nor the Aragonese got a significant income that would allow them to play with some peace of mind.

It wasn’t until the third quarter when Gernika really took the initiative. Thanks, above all, to the bad part of the visitors, who lost the quarter (18-11) after 10 minutes of scoring blindness. The fouls in attack and the numerous turnovers weighed down Casademont, who saw their rival get the biggest difference in the match (44-34).

However, as a result of his indefatigable competitive spirit, the Aragonese team did not give up and offered battle until the end. With only five minutes to go, the small local advantage (55-50) predicted an exciting and even outcome. So it was. After a poor defense by Gatling, Gernika went as far as +3 (59-56), but two free throws by Vega Gimeno placed the Zaragozans just one point behind their rival.

On the next play, the Basques missed their attack and, this time, a magnificent play between Carmen Grande and Gatling ended with two new shots by the American from free range. She scored both and turned the score in favor of Casademont. Mariona Ortiz extended the distance (59-63) to certify a victory that no longer escapeddespite the last attempt since Ygueravide’s triple that sent off the rim.



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