Unusual > Tiafoe: “The US Open 2022 changed my life. I was hanging out with people I never thought I would hang out with, I was going to events, and I was sitting next to people I didn’t never thought of rubbing shoulders but…”

In a recent Podcast, Frances Tiafoe confirmed that his life has changed since he achieved a very big US Open by reaching the semi-final after taking out Nadal in 8th. The consequences of these successes therefore led him to find himself in unprecedented situations for him. Realistic, he also knows that it only depends on his victories.

« The US Open 2022 has changed my life a lot. During that period, there were a lot of people who didn’t really like tennis and became tennis fans, that was really cool. I was hanging out with people I never thought I’d hang out with, going to events, and sitting next to people I never thought I’d be around. In fact, they were excited to meet me. But that was weird. Luckily, my parents and everyone around me told me not to stray from the basics, because none of this would happen if I didn’t keep winning tennis matches.”



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