Uni Girona recovers its direction and prevails, but not without difficulty, against Jairis de Surís (71-79)

L’spar girona wanted to get rid of the ghosts of the defeat against theOf courseand has not paid attention to Murciaimposing on Jairiswho have not yet won in any of the 3 games since Surís he reached the bench. Girona, who have reached a maximum advantage of 18 points and have not yet been able to count on Brittney Sykes pending the transfer, they took a 71-79 victory after a 12-5 home run in the last quarter.

The challenge was huge and neither team wanted to give rise to doubts from the first moment. Girona, taking advantage of free throws – the weak point of the home team, especially in the first quarter, with a balance of 7/13 in the first half – have managed to lead the scoreboard and close the first quarter with a partial 17-20 . The intensity grew in the second half, with two free throws from Higgs who reached the first tie of the game (26-26) from the initial 2-2. Girona have managed to recover and climb up to a +6 with the baskets of Murphy i waitbut those of Surís, taking a step forward in defense, have not stopped stepping on their heels, to the point of forcing a tie at 37 with two free throws from Bettencourt when 25 seconds were left before the break. Labuckienehowever, she did not forgive, saving an offensive rebound from Jairis that ended up materializing herself to go to the break with a score of 37-39 and everything to decide.

Un triple de Bettencourt -another weak point of those of Murciawith a final score of 3 out of 12- put Jairis ahead for the first time only to start the restart (40-39), but what seemed like a statement of intent after going through the locker room was nothing in front of a Uni Girona plugged in, which took a step forward in the last minutes of the third quarter closing with 10 points ahead (53-63) thanks to an action by Itxarri.

In the last quarter, two baskets of Gardner i Laia and a free kick from the Mataróthey shot the distance even further up to a maximum of 18 points (55-73), but a good reading of the rivals and a partial 12-5, with the baskets of Higgs -the rival’s top scorer with 16 points-, Brcaninovic or Bettencour, has put them back in the game, just 10 away. With 19 seconds left, Laia Flores missed one of the two free throws, and the one who didn’t miss was Brcaninovic, who scored the final 71-79 at the final whistle.



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