Titín III and Mikel Goñi will play on December 17 at Deportivo de Bilbao

Titín III will play with the markinarra Ibarloza and Mikel Goñi will have Edorta Bilbao as a partner. / e. c.

Both forwards will be accompanied by defenders from Biscay in a festival that welcomes hand and shovel

Augusto Ibáñez Sacristán Titín III and Mikel Goñi will measure their strength on December 17 (7:00 p.m.) at the Bilbao Sports Club fronton. They will do it within a festival that includes hand and shovel, and will be accompanied by two defenders from Biscay. The man from La Rioja closed his relationship with the Garfe company last January, but he still wears cleats for certain matches and is still in shape at 53 years of age. Without going any further, last week he played a friendly match at the Adarraga fronton in Logroño in the finals of the Joaquín Plaza tournament, who was his coach for many years. On the stadium in the Biscayan capital he will be accompanied by Aimar Ibarloza from Markin.

Like Tricio’s, Mikel Goñi from Navarre is still active at 45 years of age and still maintains part of the calling capacity he had during his professional stage. The Navarrese returns to the historic fronton on Alameda Rekalde street where last August he won, accompanied by Albizu, Oinatz Bengoetxea and Madariaga. On this occasion he will have Edorta Bilbao as a defender.

Tool Tournament Final

This will be followed by the final of the Club Deportivo de Bilbao Gran Premio tournament for shovels, which brings together couples from a large part of Biscayan entities with a tradition in the tool. Among others, Lagun Artea de Sestao, Oiangu, Armintza, Mungia, Artepe de Gatika, Kurene de Sopela, Herriaren and the organizing club itself are represented. At present the different qualifiers are being played.


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