This will be the world champion! University of Oxford predicts the team that will lift the cup in Qatar 2022


The University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious study houses in the world, anticipated the next winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. To determine it, it used an exact mathematical model. Surprisingly, the champion will not be France or Argentina.

Qatar 2022 has been a World Cup with many surprises. Two weeks into the competition, several results have broken pools and challenged the opinion of the experts. Germany’s defeat at the hands of Japan and Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina are proof of this.

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However, Oxford dared to predict the next team that will lift the World Cup. Through its social networks, the Alma Mater, located in the United Kingdom, published a table that reveals from the teams that will qualify for the round of 16, to the team that will be champion.

“The model simulated the group stage a million times and took the most common results. Then, the algorithm simulated each qualifying game 100,000 times,” the institution explained on its official Twitter account.

In addition, the institution confirmed that the creator of the model was the data analysis team of “World Football Elo Ratings”, which studied each match of the 32 participating teams since 2018.


According to their findings, the teams that will qualify for the round of 16 would be the Netherlands and Ecuador in group A. For group B, England and Iran would advance. Argentina and Mexico would pass through Group C. France and Denmark would be classified in Group D, Germany and Spain in Group E; Croatia and Belgium in group F; Brazil and Switzerland in group G and Portugal together with Uruguay for group H, however it should be noted that at this point the prediction failed since Ecuador (from group A), Iran (B), (Mexico (C) and Denmark ( D) were already eliminated in the first phase.


During the quarterfinal stage, the crosses would be as follows: the Netherlands would face Argentina, Spain would face Brazil, England would face France and Belgium would clash against Portugal.

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For said University, the semifinals would be played between Argentina vs. Brazil and France vs. Belgium.


According to Oxford, the final will be played by the teams of Brazil and Belgium. Resulting, like the great champion, the Brazilian team, commanded by Neymar and directed by Tite.



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