This is what the new FIFA ranking looks like after the World Cup: Red Devils drop to fourth place, Argentina second, Morocco rises eleven places

The countries that make the biggest jumps in the top of the FIFA ranking were both in the group of the Belgians: losing semi-finalists Croatia and Morocco book no less than five places and eleven places. Croatia rises from twelve to seventh place, Morocco from twenty-two to eleventh place. Among other things, they jump over Germany, which dropped to fourteenth place due to a disappointing World Cup.

Denmark is also hit hard after a World Cup in which it only took one out of nine in a group with Australia, Tunisia and France. The Danes dropped no fewer than eight places from number ten to eighteen. There are still major shifts for Australia and Serbia. The Australians climb eleven places to place 27, the Serbs drop nine places to place 30.

The world football association ranking is used to determine who is the seed in draws for qualifications and group stages of country tournaments. Due to the high position of the Red Devils in the world ranking in recent years, it always managed to avoid the top countries for as long as possible. The next FIFA ranking will be published on December 22.

The top 20 of the FIFA ranking as it will be published on December 22:

1. (-) Brazil 1,840.77

2. (+1) Argentina 1,838.43

3. (+1) France (FRA)1,823.46

4. (-2) Belgium 1,781.30

5. (-) England 1,774.07

6. (+2) Netherlands 1,740.89

7. (+5) Croatia 1,727.63

8 . (-2) Italy 1,723.55

9. (-) Portugal 1.702,54

10. (-3) Spain 1,693.43

11. (+11) Morocco 1,672.38

12. (+3) Switzerland 1,655.02

13. (+3) United States 1,652.61

14. (-3) Germany 1,646.95

15. (-2) Mexico 1.635,86

16. (-2) Uruguay 1.627,45

17. (-) Colombia 1.612,78

18. (-8) Denmark 1,608.23

19. (-1) Senegal 1.603,40

20. (+4) Japan 1.593,11


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