“They beat me to death and now I fear for my life”: the testimony of the woman attacked in Ospedaletti

Ospedaletti. Beaten to death with a baseball bat. She was hit on the head, face and limbs by the fury of a young man. It is a shocking story, that of the 50-year-old Romanian woman attacked last evening by the 31-year-old companion of her daughter, a compatriot of hers, in via Roma in Ospedaletti.

«It was 21.30 in the evening and with my partner we had just parked to go home after dinner – says the woman -. As we walked down via Roma, we were attacked from behind. My daughter’s partner was there along with three or four other men, all armed with baseball bat-type sticks.’

An unprecedented violence that with which the couple was attacked. “My companion was wounded in the shoulder and arm. He tried to get away, but they chased him to the sea, continuing to beat him. Instead, he was only my daughter’s boyfriend who massacred me. They gave me twenty points in the head». The fifty-year-old, still in shock, tells of the ferocity with which she was hit. Despite the beatings she had the lucidity to scream, asking for help, in the hope that the inhabitants of her would hear her and call for help. “I screamed that they were killing me, I asked to call the police and luckily someone did – she says. Two ambulances arrived and the carabinieri arrived. Our attackers had already fled by car.” In via Roma there are still the signs of the attack: blood splatters on the sidewalk and on the shop windows.

It is not the first time that, for reasons yet to be clarified, the 31-year-old has threatened the woman with death: a few months ago, in fact, he had told her that he would shoot her. “Since I knew she had rifles – explains the fifty-year-old – I filed a complaint and the carabinieri took them away from her. Now he’s made me pay for it.” But now the woman is afraid, for herself, for her partner and also for her daughter: «First you threatened me with words, then you moved on to deeds, what will you do next time? – he wonders -. I’m scared just to leave the house and I’m scared for my daughter, with whom I can speak very little. You say you have never been violent towards her, but how can I be sure?’ The woman is now asking for protection from the judicial authority and the police.

The police are investigating the incident. It is not excluded that the scene of the violence and the attackers’ escape was filmed by public and private video surveillance cameras.

The couple was discharged from the hospital: she with 20 days of prognosis, he with 30.



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