then Castelnuovo Scrivia imposes its law

Autosped Castelnuovo Scrivia responds to the victory of Sanga Milano and conquers the parquet of Podolife Treviso with a clear 36-58.

The leaders go to the Pascale Gym with a +22 gap, the result of a great test of defensive solidity. Treviso, on the other hand, plays an excellent first half, 15-14 and 12-8 the partials which send the landlords to rest on 27-22.

But then Autosped locks up the basket, only 9 points conceded in the second 20 minutes of the game, and ramps up to win.

The match – Egwho ignites the challenge in the first minutes by punishing the guests more than once, not always punctual in the defensive rotations; Castelnovesi who are struggling to find the basket, especially from the arc, but who remain in the slipstream with Bonasia, Gianolla and Premasunac before Marangoni’s 6 points that lead to the first external advantage (12-10) which, however, is short-lived with the two teams that arrive at the 10′ siren almost paired up, with the Treviso players ahead by a gap (15-14).

The second fraction is certainly the worst played by the Giraffes who continue to argue with the PalaPascale irons scoring the pittance of 4 points (Gatti and Premasunac) in the first 8′ of the game; however, the defense concedes little to the locals and so the internal advantage always remains within double figures, reaching at most +9 (27-18 in the 18th minute) before an external 4-0 brings Autosped back to the water line which goes at rest with “only” a -5 (22-27)

In the changing rooms Coach Molino strikes the right chords with his players and upon returning to the field Castelnuovo Scrivia seems transformed even if, initially, the great work done in his own half of the field does not always find the adequate realization in the other half; not even the third foul by Bonasia, recalled to the bench after scoring the first 4 points of the second half, stopped Castelnovese’s comeback which with Premasunac and Marangon’s triple overtook (29-31).

Treviso, who scored only 2 points in the first 6′, tries to react but the guests smell the blood and begin to bite their opponents on the jugular, extending with Smorto’s free throws and Premasunac’s points and packing the +8 in the 30th minute (40-32) with 5 points from the usual Marangoni.

Break which is a blow to the morale of the Venetians who, moreover, suffer a 12-0, triples from Baldelli (2) and Smorto and 3 points from Gatti, in the first 5′ of the last fraction, falling to -20 (32 -52) which is more of a tombstone on Podolife’s ambitions; also because the reaction of the landlords is bland and finds, every time, the prompt reaction of the Giraffes.

The scorecard of Podolife Treviso – Autosped Castelnuovo Scrivia 36 – 58 (15-14, 27-22, 32-40, 36-58)

PODOLIFE TREVISO: Zagni NE, Vespignani* 3 (0/1, 0/2), Diodati 2 (0/1, 0/1), Amabiglia NE, Gatti* 7 (3/7 from 2), Egwho* 12 (6/9 from 2), Rosset* 2 (1/6, 0/2), Tramontin, Cagossi, Gini 6 (0/2, 2/6), Ramò* 2 (1/7, 0/1), Volpato 2 (1/ 5 from 2) Coach: Iurlaro F.

2 shots: 12/38 – 3 shots: 2/13 – Free throws: 6/10 – Rebounds: 32 6+26 (Gatti 7) – Assists: 9 (Rosset 4) – Steal balls: 4 (Volpato 2) – Turnovers: 15 (Vespignani 4)

AUTOSPED CASTELNUOVO WRITE: Marangoni* 16 (2/4, 3/5), Bernetti, Premasunac* 12 (6/10, 0/1), Rulli NE, Bonasia* 6 (3/4, 0/2), Leonardi*, Baldelli 6 ( 0/2, 2/6), Gianolla* 4 (2/3, 0/4), Ravelli NE, Smorto 7 (1/3, 1/4), Castagna, Gatti 7 (3/5 from 2) Coach: Molino N. Shots from 2: 17/34 – Shots from 3: 6/26 – Free Throws: 6/9 – Rebounds: 44 12+32 (Premasunac 15) – Assists: 14 (Marangoni 7) – Steal Balls: 5 ( Bonasia 2) – turnovers: 14 (Marangoni 5)

Referees: Zanetti S., Capatan V.




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