The World Cup draw: a defined quarterfinal and how it continues

He started the one-on-one in Qatar. The round of 16 already had two games, that is, two teams that are still on their way and will meet in the quarterfinals and two more that said goodbye to the World Cup. The first to play was the Netherlands, who beat Umidos States (3-1). Then it was the turn of Argentina, who beat Australia (2-1) and thus will go against those in orange.

With everything I define, this is how the round of 16 goes:

This is how the World Cup table was.

Netherlands 3 vs. United States 1

Argentina 2 vs. Australia 1


France (1st D) vs. Poland (2nd C) TELEVISA PUBLIC TV AND DTV – Match 52

England (1st B) vs. Senegal (2nd A) TELEVISA PUBLIC TV AND DTV – Match 51

Japan (1st E) vs. Croatia (2° F) TELEVISA TYC SPORTS AND DTV – Match 53

Brazil (1st G) vs. South Korea (2nd H) TELEVISA TYC SPORTS AND DTV – Game 54

Morocco (1° F) vs. Spain (2nd E) TELEVISA TYC SPORTS AND DTV – Match 55

Portugal (1st H) vs. Switzerland (2nd G) TELEVISA TYC SPORTS AND RTV – Match 56

You can play and set up how the key would look for the next rounds of the World Cup. How? Click here.


Winner match 53 vs. winner game 54 (12:00; game 58, Education City Stadium)

Netherlands vs. Argentina (16.00; party 57, Lusail Stadium)

Winner match 55 vs. winner of match 56 (12:00; match 60, Al Thumama Stadium)

Winner match 51 vs. winner match 52 (16:00; match 59, Al Bayt Stadium)

Rest: Sunday December 11 and Monday 12.

Tuesday, December 13

Winner match 57 vs. winner of match 58 (4:00 p.m., match 61, Lusail Stadium)

Wednesday December 14

Winner match 59 vs. winner of match 60 (4:00 p.m., match 62, Al Bayt Stadium)

New break: Thursday 15 and Friday 16 December.

Saturday December 17 (12:00, Khalifa International Stadium).

Sunday December 18 (12:00, Lusail Stadium)

the eliminated

Those who were left out in the group stage are Ecuador and Qatar (group A), Iran and Wales (B), Mexico and Saudi Arabia (C), Tunisia and Denmark (D), Canada and Belgium (F), Costa Rica and Germany (E), Ghana and Uruguay (H), and Serbia and Cameroon (G). Already in the second round, the United States and Australia left.



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