the two Croatian players celebrate their country’s 3rd place at the World Cup… with fascist chants! (videos)

Dejan Lovren and Marcelo Brozovic are at the heart of a lively controversy! The defender and midfielder of Croatia, third in the World Cup thanks to their victory in the small final against Morocco, celebrated the end of their beautiful World Cup with several fascist references.

As several videos show, Lovren and Brozovic, accompanied, according to Corriere Della Sera, by members of the staff, notably covered a song by the very controversial Croatian singer Marko Perkovic Thompson, a former fighter in the war of independence whose lyrics celebrate the crimes of the Ustashi, the Croatian collaborators of Nazi Germany.

The salute “Za dom spremni” (“Ready for the Fatherland”), whose rallying cry is the incipit of Thompson’s song, is also performed by Lovren and Brozovic. The rallying cry “Za dom spremni”, accompanied by a gesture of the hands mimicking a pistol, is a nationalist salute used by the Ustashi during the Second World War and then taken up again during the War of Independence. It is prohibited by law.



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