The San Silvestre de Vitoria reinvents itself

The San Silvestre de Vitoria is a classic on the Álava athletic calendar. / JESUS ​​ANDRADE

December 31

The last test of the year parks the evening schedule and will start at 12.30. The circuit is renewed with start and finish in Mendizabala

Olga Jimenez

Since 1983, the first San Silvestre held in Vitoria with victory for Martín Fiz and the 13-year-old Angélica Manrique, the most popular event of the year has undergone changes throughout its history. The presence of African athletes elevated it to one of the five most important on the national scene, always with the Vallecana as a reference, but from 2012, the absence of cash prizes meant an increase in the popular to the detriment of the competitive.

After deep reflection by its organizers, the Alava Athletics Federation has decided to give it a twist. “It has been due to an organizational question since in recent years we had problems hiring people to help in the test, in addition to electronic timing,” Marian Ibarretxe, representing the federative body, acknowledged this Wednesday at a press conference.

I. Toledo

In addition to the time change, at 12:30 p.m., the modification of the route is also another of the great novelties. “It was also because the previous one affected city traffic and we have decided to change it”, added Ibarretxe. The start and finish will be located in the Mendizabala car park.

Another novelty affects elite athletes, who will occupy the first starting line. For that privileged position they will have to meet some minimum marks. In men, 16 minutes in 5 kilometers, 32:30 in 10 kilometers, 1 hours and 12 minutes in the half marathon distance and 2 hours 35 minutes in the marathon. In women, 19 minutes in 5 kilometers, 39 minutes in 10 kilometers, 1 hour 26 minutes in the 21 kilometers and three hours in the marathon.

The 6-kilometer race will run through the streets of Portal de Lasarte, Elvira Zulueta, and Avenida Gasteiz, where there will be a 180-degree turn on Calle San Viator, to take Avenida de Gasteiz again, Beato Tomás de Zumárraga, Pintor Gustavo de Maeztu , Adriano VI, Avenida de Gasteiz, Elvira Zulueta, Portal de Lasarte and arrival at the finish line in the Mendizabala car park.

More than 2,500 registered in the Half Marathon

Participation in this 44th edition of the Vitoria Half Marathon could be close to 3,000 people given the pace that the oldest distance race in Euskadi has acquired in recent weeks. Registrations remain open until December 16 at the price of 25 euros. On the 17th and 18th there will be a limited number of face-to-face numbers at the price of 50 euros.

The female presence amounts to 17%, with athletes from 34 provinces. Álava contributes the largest number of athletes with 44%. There will also be foreign participation with runners from France and Italy.

In the women’s category, Arrate Mintegi and Pilar Fernández from the La Blanca club, as well as Ainara Uríbarri from Durango Kirol Taldea are running as favourites, while in boys, the 2021 winner Urko Herrán aims to revalidate the title, with the permission of his teammate La Blanca club, the Catalan Carles Montllor.

The test will be the Álava and Euskadi championship and will be held on December 18 starting at 10:30 am, starting from Portal de Lasarte and arriving at the Mendizorroza car park.

Registration opens from this Wednesday, December 7 to 28 on the official website of the race at the price of 4 euros for adults and 2 euros for the txiki test that will start at 12:00 p.m. and will have a reduced circuit of 1 kilometer.

The withdrawal of bib numbers will take place at the Fundación Vital exhibition center, at Calle Postas 13-15 on December 29 and 30 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. .

The cash prizes will be exclusively for the Álava participants in the male and female categories, with 600 euros for the first classified, 400 for the second and 200 for the third. The proceeds will go to the Saharawi sports federation.



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