The Salvadoran Uriel Canjura goes for the gold medal in the IV International badminton El Salvador 2022 – Diario La Página

Salvadoran badminton player Uriel Canjura advanced to the final of the IV International El Salvador 2022 on Saturday, after beating Harshit Aggarwal, from India, in the semifinals 21-15 and 21-12.

“I know Harshit and thank God I was able to win, it was difficult because he played close to the net in the first set, I had to get him away from there to better control each point,” said Canjura.

Along the same lines, the Salvadoran recognized that concentration was essential in order not to make it easier for the Indian and thus access the final.

“I had to be more demanding and more accurate in my shots to avoid losing the advantage of points won, since Harshit recovered quite quickly,” said the Salvadoran badminton player.

Today Canjura will dispute the gold medal with the Guatemalan Kevin Cordón who yesterday defeated the Brazilian Jonathan Matías in the semifinals 21-11 and 21-13.

“Now we have to focus on tomorrow’s match, which will be against Kevin, who is a figure for us in the region. Each event is different and Kevin has been playing very well, I think tomorrow will be a good match”, commented the badminton player about the duel he will have tomorrow with Cordón.



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