the raw talk between Modric and the Croatian goalkeeper who blocked four penalties in Qatar

After the Croatian triumph against Brazil on penalties, an intimate chat between the captain and Livakovic went viral. “You don’t progress in the National Team,” the Madrid star told him. The goalkeeper’s reaction was remarkable.

On the way to the semifinals between Croatia and Argentina, a moment they lived went viral on the networks Luke Modricstar of the Selection, and Dominik Livakovic, the goalkeeper who dressed as a hero in the shootouts against Japan and Brazil from twelve steps. A talk within the framework of a documentary, advice on time and the search for another World Final.

“I wouldn’t be telling you this if you didn’t care. I see that you do not progress in the selected one”, you can review what Modric says to the goalkeeper who had to be a replacement for the historic Subasic after the World Cup in Russia. And as a leader, the Real Madrid man kept going with his look: “Maybe it’s the pressure you have? maybe it’s not because you are radiating uncertainty. And that infects the team. You understand? That’s what I’m talking about. Why can’t you make a mistake? Everybody makes mistakes. I feel like your problem is that you’re afraid to commit it. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Please name me one person.”

In armchairs in a concentration hall, separated from the rest, the dialogue continued. And the archer replied: “I did not come here out of fear. It only makes things worse.” Then Modric closed his speech. “Look, you’re a great goalkeeper, you know that, right?” He sentenced, whom he went to hug full of joy after eliminating Brazil in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

The Capitanes series (Netflix) was the one that made this content and it was made from a follow-up to the references of each team that qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the talk that was immortalized was from the end of 2021, when Livakovic – today the headline . he had lost his place with Ivo Grbić Malta. Finally, due to his level, the Dynamo Zagreb man retook his place and became a key figure in this team that will face Argentina on Tuesday in Qatar.

Some time after that talk, the goalkeeper regained the confidence and ownership that he had lost at the end of the qualifiers. And he became a key figure for the Croatian national team.

Dominik Livakovic saved the first two penalties of the shootout for Japan and then saved one more. And he covered Rodrigo again in the quarterfinals (later, Marquinhos would crash his on the post), which put the Balkan team in the Qatar semifinals.

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