The Provincial Tennis Gala will close a high-level 2022

The Castellón Tennis Gala is already finalizing the details for the new edition of this great festival of tennis and provincial sports, which this year will be held next Thursday, December 22 and will once again be at the Paranimf of the UJI.

The organization will reward more than 100 players and will carry out various recognitions: CD Castellon for its centenary, to the prestigious Equelite Juan Carlos Ferrero and a heartfelt tribute to Jose Manuel Llaneza. Finally, santi rodriguez will put the final touch with his comic performance.

Tributes to José Manuel Llaneza and CD Castellón

One of the most special moments of the Tennis Gala will be the tributes. CD Castellón, in its centenary year, will receive recognition for its extensive career in Spanish football. The figure of José Manuel Llaneza, former vice president of Villarreal and one of the most iconic figures of the yellow team for the growth of the club, will also be remembered. Finally, the role of the Equelite Juan Carlos Ferrero Academy, one of the most important both at the regional and national level, will also be highlighted.

The setting for this gala, which will begin the 7:30 pmwill reward a large number of players, specifically to the top ten ranked of each category of the Provincial Tennis Circuit of Castellón (Benjamín, Alevín, Infantil and Cadet, both masculine and feminine) and the tiebreaks tournament prizes will also be awarded.

It should be noted that all the players on the circuit are very excited to be participating in the 2022 gala. And together with them, who will undoubtedly be the stars of the night, there will be many others to accompany the provincial tennis in this event.

Among them will attend managers and technicians from the different tennis clubs in Castellón, collaborators, representatives of institutions and federations, relatives of the players, and also professional athletes and clubs of different sports modalities. An event that will feature surprises, gift raffles and performances for everyone present.

In this way, provincial tennis will once again recognize young tennis players who continue to grow and train while they dream of, one day, being able to reach the elite of world tennis as they have done from Castellón like Roberto Bautista or Sara Sorribes Tormo, both consolidated in the ATP and WTA circuit and achieving great successes in recent years.

In the Mediterranean newspaper You will be able to follow the development of the Gala both on the website and in the print edition of next Friday, December 23.

Santi Rodríguez and his humor for the final touch

One of the most anticipated moments of the afternoon will be the performance of Santi Rodríguez, a famous showman and stand-up artist who will add a touch of humor to the night and will surely make all attendees laugh and enjoy, both children and adults. The famous actor, who played the greengrocer in the Telecinco television series Siete vidas, will take the Parainf of the Universitat Jaume I to shine with his monologues.

With this comical performance, a Tennis gala will close that hopes to have a large influx, and above all, value the excellent work of provincial tennis throughout the year and especially the players who meet on the courts every week to enjoy and grow in the sport they are most passionate about. Undoubtedly, a perfect end to an afternoon full of emotions for tennis and sports from Castellón.


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