The Praetorian Guard of Luis Enrique

He has been on the coaching staff as a physical trainer since the beginning of Luis Enrique’s first stage as coach, but it was not until this year that he also assumed the position of assistant coach. Robert Moreno and Jesús Casas were there before him, and the departure of both sheds a lot of light on the importance that the Asturian coach gives to this position. He also to share vision and concepts with the person with whom he talks the most both in the office, in training, and during games. Curiously, it was Robert Moreno who introduced Pol and Luis Enrique. It was as a result of the first one publishing a book entitled ‘The physical preparation? in football’, edited by the McSport publishing house, founded by Moreno himself. There, despite his youth, he was presented as “a genius of soccer science, who, like many other geniuses of other sciences, anticipated his time.” Pol joined the coach when he signed for Roma, and they have never parted ways with him. He was with him at Celta and at Barça before coming to the dressing room in Spain. “You can have results or excuses, but not both” is one of his mottos. He is the first Luis Enrique turns to when he is looking for solutions during matches. These days his name has come into focus after appearing in one of the ‘streamings’ with which the coach entertains the afternoons. There he explained the different types of training that he prepares depending on the position of the players and how they adapt to them to make them as individual as possible.



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