The plenary session approves the city medal for the Cáceres Club Baloncesto

In extraordinary plenary sessionthe Cáceres City Council has approved this Friday, with the abstention of United Podemos (UP) and the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores, the granting of the Medal of the City of Cáceres 2022 al group of players, technical and managerial team of the Cáceres Club de swing basket that on May 10, 1992, it was promoted to the ACB League, on its 30th anniversary.

The actual Councilor for Sport, Andrés Licerán, has pointed out that “the ability of sport to agree, unite and collectivize people of all kinds of thinking is undeniable, especially in our city where we are just as vulnerable to disappointment as to the illusion of one’s success Or one of ours.” On May 10, 1992, he recalled, “the modest basketball club of our city, which had never become a member of the second national basketball category, fought in the Sports City Pavilion for promotion to the highest category, disputing a tie that decided everythinga game in which with 30 seconds to go, Prohaci Mallorca won 78-79, but a Freixanet basket at the last second, he achieved a historic victory for Cáceres”.

Lack of objective criteria

UP has explained that its abstention is not against this particular award, in fact it has congratulated the winners, but rather a criticism of the system established to award the medal by the consistory. Last year UP rated “elitist” the local government proposal of awarding the Cáceres Medal to the San Antonio de Padua School, on the 100th anniversary of its foundation, and requested changes in this recognition, for which “citizen participation would have to be counted on”. The UP spokeswoman, Consuelo López, then added that “we always abstain because We do not consider that they are forms, since it is recognized at the risk of who governs; without objective criteria.

“It would be necessary to count on citizen participation” when awarding the Cáceres Medal, says United We Can

In the retina of many people from Cáceres

“It still remains in the retina of many men and women from Cáceres, those kilometric colas who started the night before to get a ticket and be able to see their Cáceres”, highlighted Licerán, “as a city of 90,000 inhabitants with a modest economic team but with a great sporting spirit, it aroused a sporting illusion that would end with that feat that no one expected and with his team at the top, to measure himself with the great national basketball teams. And how that May 10, 1992, “those 3,000 spectators at the last second of the game jumped from the stands onto the track to continue with a sports party where people joined in and the city overflowed with joy throughout the night.” It is an achievement with which “it was possible to write one of the most glorious pages in the history of sport from Cáceres”.



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