The one that Omar Montes has ‘bundled’ in Qatar: “Long live women and free love”

Omar Montes, in full action in the ‘fan zone’, in Qatar 2022.

The singer took advantage of his concert in Doha to claim human rights. Omar Montes offered a performance last night in the ‘fan zone’ in support of La Roja

Xavier Garate

Omar Montes has ‘packed it up’, but this time in defense of a good cause. And it is that the singer, who has recently released a new studio album (‘Complaints of a thug’), last night turned his back on all the ‘good behaviors’ that Qatar promotes in his country during the 2022 World Cup and made a firm defense of human rights for all groups, with claims in favor of free love. He did it at a concert in the ‘fan zone’, in support of the Spanish team where, after thanking his followers, he launched various proclamations that have drawn attention due to the context in which they were made.

“Long live Spain”, “long live the women”, “long live the gypsies”; and “long live free love.” “Let each one go with whoever they want,” shouted Omar Montes himself dressed in the country’s characteristic attire and a Spanish flag on his back. With them, he dismantled and silenced the many criticisms that the singer has received to date for agreeing to perform in a country, Qatar, known worldwide for the systematic violation of human rights. A full blown boycott.

And it is that Omar Montes refused to decline the invitation of the organizing country to perform at the World Cup in Qatar, unlike what artists of the stature of Shakira, Dua Lipa or Rod Stewart did. His position, yes, generated not a few criticisms given the scant respect that exists in the country for human rights since, among others, homosexuality is classified as a crime and women barely enjoy a minimum of freedom.

The video of Omar Montes has gone viral and the reactions to the singer’s claims in Qatar have not been long in coming on the internet. In fact, the video in which he is seen on stage making the proclamations in favor of the freedom of free love has received thousands of ‘likes’ in the hours before tonight’s clash, in which Spain is playing its pass to the round of 16 against Take Kubo’s Japan.

Omar Montes, with Iker Casillas

In addition to the concert planned in the fan zone in support of La Roja, Omar Montes is taking advantage of his stay in Qatar to meet some of the stars of the Spanish team. One with whom he has been seen recently has been Iker Casillas, who is commenting on the matches for Televisión Española. With him and other common friends, Omar Montes was able to enjoy a dinner that he has given a good account of on social networks.



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