The municipal representatives in the discipline of Badminton are defined – San Luis Code – Online newspaper

The municipal phase for the Conade National Games in the badminton discipline began.

This phase will allow the representatives of Potosi to be assembled for the formation of the Potosi delegation that in 2023 will seek to go for a national-sized objective in the different disciplines.

The badminton discipline matches took place in the sports pavilion located inside the Adolfo López Mateos Unit and was coordinated by the State Association of the discipline, in conjunction with the Municipal Sports Department.

The tie took place in a single day, in which the Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 categories participated in the male and female branches in the singles modality. The competition system was by groups, with the exception of the Men’s Under-19 category, which was only by single elimination.

In U-15 men’s group A, Gael García was the first place after beating Ismael Cárdenas by 21-4 and 21-4. His second commitment was won by WO and the third confrontation was won by a double 21-1.

In the Under-15 men’s group B category, the first place went to Moisés Galicia, defeating José Manuel Mendoza in his first match by 21-14 and 21-10. The second game was won by WO and the third confrontation was won by Mario Martínez 21-6 and 21-0.

In the U-15 women’s category, Frida Carranco took first place after beating Mariana García 21-5, 21-12 in her first match. The second confrontation she won against Kamila Esparza 21-6 and 21-3. In her third match, she faced Renata Moreno whom she defeated 21-3 and 21-7. She finally defeated Ana Sofía del Sol 21-8 and 21-2.

In the U-17 men’s group A, the first place corresponded to Jonathan Sánchez who won his first match by WO against Cristian López, in the second commitment he beat Marco Rivera by a double 21-5.

In Under-17 men’s group B, the first place corresponded to Santiago González who won his first match against Paul Wauquier by 21-17 and 21-18. In the second match he defeated Ángel Cárdenas 21-7 and 21-6.

In the women’s Under-17s, only one group was played where the first place went to Karla Guerrero who defeated Jennifer Gutiérrez 21-8 and 21-9. The second commitment she won it against Kitzya Zavala by 21-5 and 21-6.

In the men’s Under-19 there was a simple elimination where Santiago Ramírez and Diego Hernández reached the final with victory for the first one who took the victory 21-6 and 21-7. Regarding the women’s branch, the first place went to María José Rocha.

The municipal team is integrated as follows: In the U-15 men’s Gael García, Moisés Galicia, Ismael Cárdenas and José Manuel Mendoza. In women’s Frida Carranco, Mariana García, Ana Sofía del Sol and Kamila Esparza.

In the Under-17 boys advance: Jonathan Sanchez, Paul Wauquier, Santiago Gonzalez and Marco Rivera. In Female Karla Guerrero, Kitzya Zavala and Jennifer Galicia.

In the women’s Under-19 advance: Maria Jose Rocha, Melva Contreras and Claudia Nava. In male Santiago Ramirez and Fernando Hernandez



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