The Mavericks overwhelm the Lakers, LeBron James is too lonely

The Mavericks overwhelm the Lakers, LeBron James is too lonely

Game 33: Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Lakers. In copertina: LeBron James and Reggie Bullock (Ron Jenkins, Getty Images)

Collected the third consecutive defeat against the Hornetsi Los Angeles Lakers ???????? (13-19) face i Dallas Mavericks (17-16) in the rich schedule offered by the NBA for the Christmas Day 2022.

I gialloviola they are devoid of Anthony Davis e Juan Toscano-Anderson; Texans do not have Dorian Finney-Smith, Max Glue e Kemba Walker. Ham conferma lo starting five composto da Schröder, Beverley, Walker IV, James e Bryant; Kidd replica con Doncic, Dinwiddie, Hardaway Jr., Bullock e Wood.

???? Mavericks vs Lakers: Game Recap

The strategy chosen by Darwin Ham to contain Doncic it is as clear as it is risky: immediate doubling to force Luka to get rid of the ball. Effective move, since the Dallas shooters – after a basket by the former Bullock – fail seven consecutive triples. In attack, the Californians adopt an even simpler scheme: the good old one ball to LeBron James and pedaling. The number 6 starts very strong, finding no opponent able to contain him: 17-6 after less than five minutes of play.

With the entry of second unit the leitmotif of the race does not change: Hardaway and Pinson fire blanks, so the four-time MVP reaches double figures before Austin Reaves mark the jumper of +14. The Lakers could stretch further but waste a couple of possessions. The baskets of Westbrook, Bertans and Doncic close the fraction, with LA ahead 28-21.

The match is not very pleasant, since at the triples of Davis Bertans e Troy Brown Jr. avoidable mistakes and sensational airballs alternate. James and Westbrook find luck in the paint, Dallas remains in the slipstream thanks to two-way player McKinley Wright IV. LeBron is inaccurate from long range, but managing to find the desired mismatches, he scores easily or serves Thomas Bryant stationed in dunker spot. 41-30 at 6:56 from the long interval.

With LBJ’s exit – despite Doncic returning – the quality of the match drops further and he offers a couple of minutes so horrendous that they could compromise the digestion of Christmas delicacies. Wood and THJ move the score of the Mavericks, but the Lakers find balance with the return of James and extend with the triple of Lonnie Walker IV and Westbrook. After a couple of avoidable fouls committed by Gabriel, Patrick Beverley answers from beyond arc a Luka Magic, guilty of having scored the previous possession on his head. LA ahead 54-43 at the half.

???? Mavericks triple rain overwhelms the Lakers

James picks up where he left off, scoring and fielding Bryant. Dallas, on the other hand, returns with a completely different attitude: Doncic reads the defense well and serves Wood, Hardaway Jr. and Spencer Dinwiddie (twice). Coming out of the timeout Walker answers from three, but THJ and Wood are on fire and they make the triples of overtaking: 63-65 in the middle of the third quarter.

The Lakers no longer score and a coach a Russell Westbrook fuels it further run of the Mavericks, who run away (+11) with the baskets of Luka and his son Mr. Crossover Tim Hardaway Sr., five-time All-Star and All-NBA. The Californians are in confusion and are overwhelmed by the triples of Bullock and Tim Hardaway Jr. (two more), which bring the total of triples in the hosts fraction to nine. The baskets of Wood and Doncic close the fraction, with LA down 75-94 and with 51 points collected in the third quarter alone.

The Californians are back at -10 with a triple by Reaves and six free throws by James, but the dreams of a comeback are immediately shattered by five points from the relentless THJ. LeBron still believes in it and continues to score, but the Akron native’s efforts are thwarted by too many second chances granted. Dennis Schroeder and Westbrook hit threes, but Christian Wood keeps LA at arm’s length: 101-115 with 5:10 to play.

To facilitate the work under the Mavericks long planks, the incomprehensible choice of Ham to field the ultra small quintet consisting of Beverley (185cm), Schröder (190cm), Walker (193cm), Reaves (196cm) and Westbrook (190cm). All too easy for Luka Doncic, who leads Dallas to the new maximum advantage (+21). Reaves eases the deficit, then leaves during garbage time. 115-124 the final score and fourth consecutive defeat, which arrived in the first stage of road trip of five games. Best wishes.

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???? Stats & Box Score

LeBron James finished with 38 points (13/23 from the field with 0/4 from the arc and 12/12 from the line), 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 turnovers and +2 Plus/Minus in just over 34 minutes on the court . Male Schröder (7+5+4) and Beverley (8+3+3), while Bryant (8+3+2) and Walker IV (9 with 3/6 from three) deserve more minutes and responsibilities.

In double figures Westbrook (17+5+4 with 7/16 shooting) and Reaves (16+2). Gabriel (2+7), Brown Jr. (3+2) and Christie (2+1) are also on the scoresheet. Garbage for Nunn (2) and Jones (3).

The Mavericks’ top scorer is Luka Doncic: 32 points with 9/16 from the field, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 turnovers with +24 Plus/Minus in almost 40 minutes of play. Also in double figures Wood (30+8+7), Hardaway Jr. (26+6 with 6/14 from three) and Bullock (14+3+4 with 4/7 from the arc). For Dinwiddie 8 points with 2/10 shooting, 2 rebounds and 8 assists.

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???? Mavericks vs Lakers: Highlights

????️ Post Game Quotes

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???? Mavericks vs Lakers: Fan Survey

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???? Next Game

I Los Angeles Lakers return to the field in the night (1:00 ????????) between Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 December to face the Orlando Magic all’Amway Center.

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