The image of Lionel Messi that aroused the fury of Paris Saint Germain fans

Some asked that he “do not return” to Paris, but several also defended him. “Argentines have poor sportsmanship,” they accused.

Emiliano “Drawing” Martinez He is one of the players with the most personality in the Argentine National Team, and he shows it in every action of the game, the definitions by penalties and in his particular celebrations. Now, Lionel Messi received criticism “from the side” for being close to him in a photo that included a mockery for Kylian Mbappe.

In the last few hours, a photo went viral in the massive celebrations of the National Team for winning the World Cup in Qatar, in which Dibu has a baby doll with the face of the French goalscorer. Messi is seen next to him, smiling.

On a Twitter account for Paris Saint Germain fans (@PSGhub), the French team player was criticized by several fans for that image, while others defended the Argentine captain. That user uploaded the photo with two icons of the face with the zipper in the mouth, to which responses rained down.

“Hey Messi don’t come back to Paris”, wrote @AmaurinhoR7. Along the same lines, @GSGE86428815 stated that Messi “probably never would have won the World Cup if it wasn’t for PSG”.

“Would the French team have acted like that with Messi? In no way,” said @RadHombre.

Beyond the criticism of Messi, of course the ones that abounded the most were the Argentine goalkeeper, a hero in the penalty shootout for Argentina to beat France 4-2 after 3-3 in the 120 minutes of play.

“Argentines, especially Emiliano, they have such poor sportsmanship. He is embarrassing, “said one. Another assured:” This boy needs absolute humility.

“I’m not sure he wants to make it personal but he does it whether he wants to or not, weird behavior. Did any of us do this with Modric’s face in 2018?” the official PSG fan club account in Boise asked. (@psg_boise).

“Modric did not disparage French football. Mbappé despised South American football. That is a great lack of respect. Martinez is simply returning it!” User Abdurrahman Feroze replied in this regard.

With respect to this answer, many had the same argument that the mockery of Mbappé was due to the sayings in which the Frenchman assured that football in South America “is not advanced as in Europe”.

The latter was not the only one who defended the Argentines with that response. “I am 100% that this reaction is because of what he said about South American football. Deserved,” wrote @__xocynthia.

“Curiously, the French team would have done worse, Mbappé would have done worse… Take it like a man,” another tweeter posted.

“When you say the South Americans can’t keep up with the European teams, that’s what you get. Emi is a crazy man, literally crazy, so don’t expect him to act normal,” @NBAAnalyst13 dispatched.

Finally, the user @nicolas_dosso44 defined what the image really is: “They Are Loaded Soccer Players In Argentina You Live Like That It’s NOT anything against anyone there You don’t live like that.”


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