The favorites continue ahead in Berriatua’s single basket tip

Erkiaga takes a kick in the Gernika Jai ​​Alai pediment. / the second salguero

Erkiaga-Aimar and Olharan-López will be the semifinals that will be played on Friday at the Mendibarren pediment

There were no surprises in the Individual basket game that takes place at the Mendibarren fronton in Berriatua and the favorites made it through the quarterfinals. Erkiaga and Aimar will face each other in the first of the semifinals that will be played on Friday (9:00 p.m.). The striker from Ispaster, despite not being in his best form, beat Del Río (2-0) in a tough and rallied duel in which the player from Alava stood up, especially in the first set. The Biscayan started something cold and saw how he was ahead of him (3-5), but brought out his quality and instead of playing as upright as he had been until then, he moved better and managed to get him ahead (12-10). In the second, the winner put another gear and broke the game from the start with a 7-0 run. The advantage helped him to manage the remainder well despite the fact that the defender showed a good level (12-7).

Aimar, meanwhile, got rid of Arbe (2-0). The local defender, who knows the field perfectly, had to squeeze himself to get the game going, but his effort was rewarded. Markina’s striker started strong and dominated the early stages of the first set. He pulled the drop to add some goals. As the material gained in vivacity, the local puntista came into play more and managed to get fully involved in the game at the right time to win the game (11-12). In the second, Aimar continued with a long serve that gave him greater control. Although he ran out of passing options, he took risks and gained confidence in the second half to seal his qualification for the next round (6-12).

more fought

The other semifinal will have Olharan and López as protagonists. Both needed the third tiebreaker game to access it. The Basque-French striker beat Barandika (2-1) in a very tough duel in which both bet on putting the ball on the rebound. In the first, the winner dominated more and spread the ball better with his forehand to open an important hole (6-2) from the start that he knew how to maintain without excessive problems (12-5).

In the second the material gained shine and the Biscayan was more comfortable. The first attack was his (1-5), but he made some concession that allowed his rival to cut the difference (9-9). At the decisive moment, however, he managed to keep a cool head (9-12) and forced the final. In the third, Olharan changed his ball and opted for a coarser one with which he destabilized his rival. The key was in the serve (5-2).

López beat Johan in a heart-stopping duel at the last moment. The Zumaia defender took the first set quite comfortably after taking a step forward when he was behind (3-5) with a run of nine goals (12-5). His rival improved his performance in the second, messed up more and managed to surprise the Gipuzkoan (7-12). In the last one, López started better and got an outstanding advantage (3-0), but his rival took a risk because she had no other choice and things worked out for her. A drop from the rest of the defender decided the match (5-4).



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