The fans of France want to repeat the World Cup final and those of Argentina respond by asking them to stop crying

The French and the Argentines star in a particular pique in

Mbappé and Messi, during the World Cup final EFE

Argentina’s victory in the World Cup final in Qatar did not end the debate. France has taken the defeat very badly, specifically its fans, because they consider that the match should be repeated given that several players jumped onto the field during the penalty shot by Messi.

To put pressure on, a massive petition was launched on the platform with which they requested to repeat the final. In a few days it has reached more than 215,000 signatures, which is a good example of the anger of the French in this regard.

The reply from an Argentina that is still in the cloud of the title commanded by Messi and the ‘Dibu’ Martínez has not been long in coming. If the Frenchmen asked for the final to be repeated in their exchange, they asked for signatures so that the french will stop crying.

Thus began a particular anger between Argentine and French fans who, for the moment, the first win by little. “The World Cup of signatures is ours”, they boast on the networks.

This particular match is still on the networks, to the point that it is one of the most commented topics both in Argentina and in France. When the leagues begin and calm returns, the most probable thing is that this tone will lower between the two hobbies. Especially when Messi and Mbappé share a shirt again.


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