The Boston Celtics bend the Miami Heat in their run for the lead

Boston continues to run for first place in the standings with another excellent performance from the team, well led by Jayson Tatum (49 points and 11 rebounds) in the match against the Heat. lacking Butler and with Highsmith prominently off the bench to counter Tatum . Ultra offensive challenge that the Celtics know how to interpret well with 55% successful shooting and 22 triples made.

Miami’s performance was nearly as good (52% shooting, 45% from three). Celtics ahead after the first quarter (38-35) in a game so intense that Bam Adebayo (23 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists) was sent off for double technical foul. The Heat were producing the effort to move forward, but Tatum’s three straight 3-pointers — and 13 of his team’s last 16 points — pushed them back for good.

Boston – Miami 134-121. Boxscore: 26 Brown, 21 Brogdon, 15 White, 10 Smart per i Celtics (18-4); 23 Herro, 22 Strus, 16 Highsmith, 14 Lowry, 10 Martin e Vincent per gli Heat (10-12).



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