The Basics of Football


Throughout the years, football has become one of the most popular sports in the world. There are several variations of the game, all of which have their own set of rules. The basic rule is that teams move the ball into the opponent’s end zone. The goal is to advance the ball by at least ten yards. If the team manages to move ten yards, they score a touchdown. However, if they fail to do so, they lose possession of the ball.

The game is played over three quarters. During the first quarter, the team with the ball is called the offensive team. The opposing team is called the defensive team. The offensive team attempts to advance the ball by kicking it or running it. The offense may also intentionally punt the ball to the other team.

The offense is limited to four downs in which to advance the ball. If the offensive team fails to advance the ball within the first four downs, they lose possession of the ball. The defense then tries to stop the offense from scoring. Depending on the rules, some penalties may allow the offense to get automatic first down. For instance, blocking fouls can result in safety. The offensive ball-carrier is liable to commit certain penalties in the end zone.

A field goal is a three-point score. A field goal is usually scored when the ball is within the opponent’s goal line, but sometimes it is placedkicked. Field goals are usually attempted on fourth down.

Touchdown is a six-point score. A touchdown is scored when the team crosses the opponent’s goal line. A touchdown conversion is a similar concept, but instead of kicking the ball through the goal posts, it is attempted at the opponent’s 3-yard line. A touchdown conversion is typically attempted on fourth down, and is worth two points.

A safety is scored when an offensive player fumbles the ball out of the end zone. A player recovering the fumble can run with the ball until he or she is tackled. In other cases, a player is credited with a safety if he or she is tackled in the end zone. The defensive team can also score a safety if an offensive player is tackled in the end zone. Typically, this occurs in situations where the offensive player is forced out of bounds.

In the NFL, an offensive team will attempt to kick the ball through the goal posts on fourth down. If a field goal attempt fails, the ball will move to the opponent’s 20-yard line. The kicker will attempt an extra point. In other variations, the offensive team will attempt to score touchdowns or touch downs, rather than kicking a field goal. This is sometimes called the “six-point rule.”

The NFL also has rules about punts. On punts, the offensive team will kick the ball downfield to the defensive team. However, if the defensive team scores a touchdown, the ball is placed in the opponent’s end zone.