Telemedellín journalist saves Pereira fan from Medellín baristas

The reporter Maria Alejandra Cardona was touring the surroundings of the sports arena in the capital of Antioquia to show live viewers of Telemedellin the atmosphere in the place.

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However, at that moment a tense situation arose if one takes into account that a fan of the Deportivo Pereira began to be intimidated by baristas from the DIM.

That was how the informant had the courage to intervene and prevent the ‘matecaña’ follower from having a bad experience with those who were threatening him.

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Telemedellín journalist saves Pereira fan from DIM baristas

The woman measured as she presented her report as follows: “Calm down, we are live and this is how the fans of Medellín receive those of Pereira, who are arriving”.

And since the camera was focusing on one of the baristas, he had no choice but to lower his guard before the microphone that the journalist brought him closer. “We are not doing anything wrong” said the man.

Then, the correspondent intervened to reprimand him: “Welcome and best regards.”

The barista was forced to tell the Pereira fan: “Welcome, we are fine. But there are a lot of people here [su camiseta] is misinterpreted.”

Faced with the unarmed woman who hit the barista with a cap and black glasses live, the presenter declared victory and reassured the Risaraldense follower.

“Here, in Medellín, we are good paisas and we welcome the rival team well,” he concluded.

On video, the particular situation:


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