Teguise pays 320 thousand euros to the schools and sports entities of the municipality

The Teguise City Council proceeded this Monday to the income of the amounts corresponding to schools and sports entities of the municipality, subsidies amounting to 320.000 eurosin the absence of entering another 65,000 euros corresponding to sports projects developed in the municipality in 2022.

The process for granting said aid, managed by the Subsidies area and directed by Javier Díaz, thus becomes effective before the end of the year, “according to the applications from the 20 clubs with schools that exist in the municipality, and that each season teach multiple disciplines such as football, basketball, volleyball, Canarian wrestling, tennis, badminton, skating, etc”, they point out from the Consistory.

The mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, celebrates that “once again” they can “comply in time and form with the Teguise sports family, made up of more than 2,000 boys and girlsyoung people and all the sports personnel who support them in their different categories and modalities”.

Likewise, from the Sports area, coordinated by Gerardo Rodríguez, they recall that the Consistory plans to enter subsidies for sports projects in the municipality at the end of this month of Decembersince these were convened last October, in gratitude for “the promotion and encouragement of physical activity and sport of all sports agents in the municipality of Teguise.”



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