Talavera Basketball surrenders to the leader

Severe corrective for Talavera Basketball in the fiefdom of the leader and so far undefeated UBU Tizona. Ricardo Úriz’s pupils arrived at the duel wanting to do well against one of the colossi of the category, even more so after the good feelings after their victory against Real Canoe in the premiere of May Day. However, they suffered from the resounding scoring streaks of Diego Ocampo’s men and were weighed down by the lack of success from the three-point line throughout the match to lose 87-55.

Úriz’s men began the game very focused on defense, which allowed them to stop the Burgos team from scoring and score in transition to take control of the score until halfway through the first quarter (4-8). S

However, Tizona improved its performance with the entry of Alonso in the point guard position and achieved an 11-0 run that changed the course of the match. It took the Talavera squad several minutes to react. Until Martínez added five points that brought his team back to the match, although the gap was already important at the end of the first quarter (23-13). At the start of the second quarter, Úriz’s players were able to chain several good collective actions and with two baskets in the paint by Andrejevic they managed to reduce the gap to 6 points.

But once again, the team led by Diego Ocampo chained a resounding 14-0 run to once again distance themselves on the scoreboard from a Baloncesto Talavera that was heavily burdened by its poor percentages. The 41-21 half-time left little room for doubt.

Second part. After the intermission, the advantage in favor of the locals continued to grow, despite Cooper’s good performance against the rival hoop with his seven points. Two consecutive triples by Ganal and Peris gave Talavera air, but Ubu Tizona responded to the exchange of points to reach the last quarter with the duel sentenced (63-37). Even so, the Talavera Basketball did not get carried away and even forced a timeout for Diego Ocampo after two good actions culminated with baskets by Peris and Archer.

It was clear that the leader wanted to dominate the match from start to finish and proof of this was that the match came to an end with the maximum difference in the score, 32 points, to the punishment of a Talavera Basketball that, despite putting effort into it, they found themselves having serious difficulties scoring from the perimeter throughout the match and consummated their fifth defeat away from home in as many outings (87-55).



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