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The starting typhoon surprised with a very accurate and participatory Tadeo Girbau in attack, as well as a 2-3 zone in defense collapsing the paint with a lot of people, which forced the Athenian to take many three-pointers with little effectiveness in an even game. Good income from Lewis and Rogelio de León improved Atenas a bit, which also left the first quarter winning just 27-26.

The rise of the black wings followed in the second, thanks to his much better bench of substitutes that allowed him to maintain the intensity and start the period 9-0 to open ten. However, Marne did not slacken and continued in the game playing an intelligent game, with a good fourth by Trusich and a productive entry from Amarillo, they came close again, although with the contributions of Lewis and Terra, Athens went to the break winning 55-48.

The tenant kept going thanks to Colman and Jones who appeared to score a lot of points against the defense of “Pepe” Fernández’s team, which was beginning to show clear signs of fatigue and was finding it difficult to maintain the intensity of Athens. Likewise, Leandro Curbelo and Mateo Amarillo stood up for Marne in that quarter and the Athenian advantage at the end of the third was 83-68.

Averaging the last quarter was that the game was liquidated, with Nicolás Lewis spicy for the triple and León wreaking havoc in the painted zone was that the tenant’s advantage continued to stretch as throughout the entire second half. Finally, the black wings won by the bulky score of 110-81, the difference was notorious and the rotation of the squad was decisive for Athens to settle the play-in without surprises and already thinking about Auriblanco. For Marne, a DTA ended with more pain than glory, and the typhoon must now focus on next year.



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