Soccer (D1F). “A turning point for the rest of our season”, underlines Melissa Gomes (Girondins)

We would have a good lead but we don’t calculate and prefer to take the matches as they come. We already have…

We would have a good lead but we don’t calculate and prefer to take the matches as they come. We have already taken an important step by winning on Saturday at Soyaux (0-1). But we must not stay on our achievements and try to aim for something else later. It will go through a good result against Rodez, a match that could well represent a turning point for the rest of our season.

What is the team’s greatest strength in these high-stakes matches?

Our growing confidence. We didn’t really know where we were going this summer, we scared ourselves at the very start of the season by being trailed against Le Havre, before winning in the end on the first day, or subsequently losing against Reims. But we were able to get up, work with the desire to do the best possible in each match. We can also move forward thanks to our great solidarity.

Are these links between you essential?

The team went through a lot of changes in the offseason, departures, and we came away with a rejuvenated group. But we are all pulling in the same direction, we are very complementary, the atmosphere is good and the competition is healthy. It helps to move forward.

Do you feel the team is really progressing?

It’s undeniable, we are progressing mentally but also tactically. The group is made up of young players but also elements with more experience of which I am a part. I think we have a team with talent. The young people have adapted well, have reached the level of requirement of the D1. Now we still have room for improvement. And it concerns everyone, young and experienced. A group must always seek to improve individually and collectively. I feel everyone is listening.

In important matches, should efficiency take precedence over the will to play?

We won 1-0 at Soyaux last Saturday but the ground was not conducive to play. We are going to enter periods with soft ground and we have to adapt. Let’s say that the most important thing is to take the three points without forgetting the rest.

At 28, you are one of the players with some experience in this Bordeaux group. Do you have a well-defined role?

I try to integrate the news, to make the link between all of us. I like to give some advice on the field, not necessarily only in my playing area.

And on a personal level, how are you living this start to the season, often playing the role of joker on the attacking front?

I saw a somewhat mixed start to the championship. I scored two goals but I’m in need of playing time and in those moments, we always try to get a little more. I work in training to earn my place. I have already experienced these situations, I have never given up.

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