Simeone: “We are going to celebrate eleven years at the club, but no one is essential”

El Cholo Simeone, during his appearance this Tuesday. / efe

El Cholo confirms the departure of Cunha, says that “Joao Félix is ​​very important” and congratulates Atlético for having five players among the top four in the World Cup in their squad

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After more than a month of hiatus in the local tournaments, the World title won by the Albiceleste in Qatar and the rumors about the future of Joao Félix and the Argentine coach himself at Atlético, a lot of expectation had been generated before the press conference of the Cholo Simeone in the run-up to his team’s cup match against Galician Arenteiro. Many questions in the air and few certainties, beyond confirming that the Brazilian Mattheus Cunha is leaving for Wolverhampton in the Premier, apparently on loan and with a mandatory purchase of 50 million.

“He is a boy who gave us everything he had, to whom we gave everything we had and each one was able to contribute the best of each other to the other,” Simeone reflected on a young forward who did not explode as a mattress player and lowered his level at the beginning of the course that became residual in his team, in the shadow of Álvaro Morata, and was not called up by Tito for the World Cup with the ‘Canarinha’.

Back with Joao Félix, who wants to leave but Atlético expects an offer that exceeds 100 million, Cholo was reminded of recent statements in which Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, the club’s CEO, confessed that the relationship between Simeone and the ‘Boy’ is not good. At this point, the coach that no one is essential and neither is he after more than a decade on the bench at the Calderón first and then at the Metropolitano.

«I want the best for Atlético and we are going to turn eleven years old, leaving everything I have so that the team and the club grow. I care about winning, continuing to improve, growing, continuing to focus on the game by game that we started eleven years ago and then everything that can happen will happen. Nobody is essential, nobody, and things will be as they have to be, he stressed.

Does it have Joao Felix? she insisted. Manual response. “I have no doubt that he is a very important player. He had a good World Cup, with important work for his team, with participation in goals and the importance that the coach gave him to develop what he has. Hopefully we can have the best Joao that he showed in the World Cup and hopefully he can represent him in our team. Give him the joy that he can show in the game what he already did in the World Cup, which was very good ». However, it seems that some sudden discomfort may leave the Portuguese out of this cup clash.

Has Griezmann’s role in the World Cup surprised you? People get angry with De Paul for playing so differently with Argentina, they questioned Cholo, who was proud. «The Griezmann thing makes me very happy. The fact that we have had five players in the top four in the World Cup speaks volumes about the work of the club and the players we have in our squad. It is the second time since I have been here that we have world champions. Griezmann, Lucas Hernández, Lemar, Nahuel Molina, Correa, De Paul… it is important for the club, which has chosen the ones we have with us well. Rodrigo (De Paul) last season started very well, he had a slump as happens to any footballer and ended very well. This season I don’t think it’s fair to think of any footballer when the team hasn’t had the usual regularity.”

When talking about possible reinforcements if the departures are made, Simeone referred to the quarry. «I am looking inward, at the B boys, who excite me and are in a great moment. It is a low category to compare it with the League, but they are very excited, Tevenet is working very well and if we have to raise boys from the youth academy to the club, it is the best thing that can happen to us », he highlighted.

He alerted about the important of the Cup, the only title already within reach of the mattresses this course. «This tournament is wonderful, it allows everyone the chance to compete well. The category does not matter because there are always possibilities for a single match. We will find ourselves with the difficulties of the place where we are going to play, but the sun, the wind, the water, the height of the grass do not matter… The important thing is what you can show on the field and the illusion of playing against anyone ».

look at the quarry

Cholo was reminded that eleven years ago, just before his signing, Albacete, then in Segunda B, took Atlético out of the Cup. The Argentine threw the topic, the changing nature of this sport. “Look at the World Cup final. He represented everything that can happen in life and in football. Argentina dominating 80 minutes, the game seemed more than decided, then France tied and it seemed better, it was 3-2, there was a penalty that was a penalty and Dibu made a spectacular save. And from the 120th minute France goes from being able to be champion to losing on penalties ».

What conclusions do you draw after this break?: «It did me great to go see the World Cup. It’s been a long time since I watched football from the stands, not because I was expelled, don’t misunderstand. Looking at it from there, it looks different without the responsibility that one has had for a long time, with a lot of weight in what happens at the club. I have seen things that I liked, others that you claimed that we were doing wrong and the panorama can be opened up a little more. Hopefully I can convey what I saw, I am eager, enthusiastic, hopeful, I am putting a lot of energy into the club, I do it with joy and devotion and thinking about tomorrow’s game, a team that plays 4-4-2, I He is strong at home, he works the games well and he does it with great enthusiasm ».



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