Shock defeat by Çukurova in FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League – Basketball

Despite having one of the best squads in the league, Çukurova Basket Mersin Yenişehir, who could not reflect the desired basketball on the field, could not avoid losing 76-72 to Famila Schio in Italy.


Even though the match started badly, our representative, who recovered quickly and took control with the painted areas, managed to finish the first quarter ahead 21-18. Our representative, who increased the gap to 6 points and won the locker room 39-34, became a star in the first half with Bonner 14, Gray 10 and Jones 9 points. Even though the host could not find a solution to the numbers produced by the Ndour-Mabrey duo, Çukurova, who stood with Hayes, made it possible to enter the last quarter with 58-58. However, Çukurova Basket, which gave easy basket chances to its opponents with simple mistakes made especially in the defense part, and had the trouble of playing with less players in offense, left the match with a 76-72 defeat in the last seconds of the match.

Description from Çevirgen
Despite its star-studded staff, Çukurova, who had 2 wins and 3 defeats in 5 matches, left sadly on the road to Italy, while club president Serdar Çevirgen said in a statement to the heat, “This defeat was really sad for us. However, I trust our organization and staff. The most important names in the world are here. We will take the necessary measures quickly, we will continue to compete for the championship,” he said.


FAMILA SCHIO: Keys 6, Mabrey 19, Mestdagh 3, Ndour 21, Howard 7, Sottana 4, Verona 12, Zahui 4
CUKUROVA MERSIN YENİŞEHİR MUNICIPALITY: Gökşen, Sinem 3, Bonner 19, Gray 21, Hayes 11, Jones 18, Hollingsworth, January
1st PERIOD: 18-21, PERIOD: 39-34, 3rd PERIOD: 58-58

Çukurova's shock defeat in FIBA ​​Women's Europa League



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