Shaquille O’Neal will NBA-Team kaufen

Shaquille O’Neal will NBA-Team kaufen

Shaquille O’Neal (50) is a basketball legend. In the course of his 19-year professional career, the 2.16-meter giant became champion of the North American professional league NBA four times. In 2013, O’Neal bought shares in the NBA club Sacramento Kings after retiring, but he sold them again earlier this year. In an interview with “TMZ Sports” he now explained that he can imagine owning a whole team.

“I haven’t had discussions with my partners yet, so I can’t comment yet, but we’re still trying to be heavily involved in buying an NBA team,” said the 50-year-old. O’Neal would not be averse to a National Football League (NFL) team either. This has to be in a place “where I live,” said the basketball star.

Shaquille O’Neal: “I was the Hulk”

Last November, Shaquille O’Neal, who also played for the Los Angeles Lakers, looked back on his playing career in an interview with “People” and revealed that he showed aggressive behavior during his playing career. “After a bad game, especially if it was my fault, when I missed my free throws, I would go berserk. I tore up the house. I was the Hulk.”

The former NBA superstar went on to say that having a total of six children made him calm down. “As soon as I saw my children’s faces, I could transform,” said O’Neal. His basketball game results were not important for the youngsters. “You come home and they don’t care about any of it. Forty points? It’s like, ‘Hey, Daddy!’ Two dots? ‘Hey, Daddy!’.”

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