Scaloni: message for the people and a town that awaits it

He lived it like one more player. Like another fan. In that micro convertible, under the rays of the sun, Lionel Scaloni he put aside the seriousness with which he lived the World Cup matches and he was seen smiling and happy. It is not for less. His name has already been recorded in history, along with those of César Luis Menotti and Carlos Salvador Bilardo, the other coaches who fulfilled the dream of being world champions leading the Argentine National Team.

Argentine National Team21-12-2022

Scaloni in full celebration

The day after the massive reception, Scaloni took advantage of his social networks to thank people for so many expressions of affection. “The dream of all Argentines came true. Eternally grateful, excited to see them happy. They were player number 12”posted on his Instagram account, @lioscaloni.

River Plate21-12-2022

Julián put a River hat on Scaloni in the middle of the caravan

The greatest sign of affection will surely be the one he will receive in Pujato, his town in the province of Santa Fe. There, his place in the world, where he was born and grew up, his people await him to give him all the love he deserves.

look too

From Menotti to Bilardo, and from Bilardo to Scaloni

The parade placed in front of the house of Scaloni’s parents:

En Pujato esperan a Scaloni (credit: Federico Poggiani)En Pujato esperan a Scaloni (credit: Federico Poggiani)

In town they have everything prepared to entertain you:

In Pujato they wait for Scaloni.In Pujato they wait for Scaloni.


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