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Santa Tecla achieved an 86-103 victory over San Salvador, as a visitor in the Inclusive Sports City and is waiting for a rival in the final of the Closing Tournament 2022 of the Major League Basketball (LMB).

Águila and Quezaltepeque will face each other today at 6:00 in the afternoon at the Álvarez Court to define the opponent of the tecleños.

Playing as a visitor did not frighten the players from Santa Tecla, who reversed a 5-2 deficit, and after equalizing at seven and nine points, took a 13-14 lead with a three-pointer by Brian Vásquez, until reaching a 13- 22 by Christopher Blake.

The people of the capital reacted and got out of the pothole, but they did not prevent Santa Tecla from taking the starting quarter 19-24.

In the second period, both teams showed off their effectiveness, especially in three-point shots, which allowed the Tecleños to add 18 points: four from Vásquez and two from Blake, for the visitors, and three from the locals, two by Roberto Martínez and one by Alejandro Grant Scantelbury.

The period favored Santa Tecla 28-37, which allowed it to go into the break with a 47-61 lead.

Upon returning from the break, those from La Libertad showed that they were determined to secure a place in the final and began to put the distance on the scoreboard, until achieving a 50-67 thanks to three points from Blake, with 7:58 to play, but the people from the capital reacted and went up 65-77 with 2:47 remaining.

San Salvador resorted to three-point shots, but did not have a good aim, because although they scored five times, they missed 10, and although the score for the fourth was closed, 19-20, the visitors remained ahead 66-81.

In the last period, the capitalists maintained their desire to equalize the series, but they lacked effectiveness and Santa Tecla was in charge of maintaining the difference in the score until winning the quarter 20-22, for a global score of 86-103 that leaves them at waiting rival in the final.

The best scorers for the Teclenos were Blake, with 32 points; Vásquez, with 26, and Cameron Malik Lard with 18. On the part of San Salvador, the most effective were Roberto Martinez, with 30; Alejandro Grant, with 23, and Bernardo Polanco, with 21.



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