Sandro Rosell uses the controversial testimony of a Qatari woman to defend Qatar

BarcelonaIn an interview this Monday on TVE, Sandro Rosell reviewed several current issues. On a political note, the former president of Barça has assured that he maintains the illusion of running for mayor of Barcelona, ​​but has not yet confirmed whether he will do so: “I am very excited, but it depends on the family , who has suffered a lot in other stages, especially when I was in prison. There are people who don’t like you being in the media or having the power to do things, because a lot of people want to have power from behind without putting in front”. The elections are just over five months away. “I will decide after Reis”, he added.

Rosell has denied that he is in talks with any party, but rather it would be a “citizen platform with experts in different municipal areas, away from political profiles”. He defines himself as “neither right-wing nor left-wing” and has explained that, as a citizen, he has voted for CIU – when he did not have a marked pro-independence profile -, PSC and even blank, “when he was very angry”. For the PP or Ada Colau, for example, he has said that he has never voted for them. Rosell has repeated again that he is “an independenceist in heart but not in head”: “If a referendum were held again, I would vote yes, but then I would leave.” He explained that his education, both family and school, was in spaces of an independence nature, but that “as relations with Spain are, it is not the time to consider independence”. In another matter, Rosell has also denied that he tempted ex-major Lluís Trapero to include him in his team.

The testimony of a woman in Qatar

Beyond the current political situation, the former president of Barça also spoke about the World Cup in Qatar, a country he visited a few days ago and with which he maintains good relations since his time at the head of the Barcelona team. With Rosell in the presidency, the Blaugrana club showed off Qatar’s sponsorship on its first shirt, first as the Qatar Foundation and then from the airline Qatar Airways.

Rosell has answered this questioned for having promoted a country where human rights are not respected: “Obviously I would love for things to be all pink, but they are what they are. Last week I was having dinner with a woman in Qatar, she told me that she was very happy and that, instead of defending them, maybe we should defend the women who die at the hands of their husbands in Spain, not a single one dies in Qatar.” “Then there is the issue of construction workers [en referència a les condicions en què estan], obviously nothing is perfect – continued Rosell. Is the problem with Qatar that doesn’t pay them enough or with their countries of origin that don’t know how to retain them? Let’s look at everything.”

However, he concluded: “First we solve the problems we have in our country, for example by improving the judicial system. When we solve our problems, we solve the problems of others. There is hypocrisy in criticizing Qatar or any country, s ‘must be in the places’.

In another block of questions, Rosell lamented the stigma that will remain with him “for the rest of his life” for having been in prison. “If you go to Google, it still comes up that I’m a criminal. It was unfair.” He has said that the judge Carme Lamela prevaricated and imprisoned him for his personal promotion. In fact, last May, her lawyer, Pau Molins, announced that he would file a complaint against retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo following statements in which he claimed that Judge Lamela was rewarded with a transfer to the Supreme Court for having imprisoned Rosell.

Finally, in a Blaugrana way, Rosell does not think he will run for the presidency of Barça again. In addition, he added that he would encourage Gerard Piqué to stand in the elections and that he would vote for him.


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