San Marino RTV Sports Editorial Team presents “Year of Sport 2022”

It was difficult even to think that after the Olympic year with three medals won by San Marino in the greatest planetary sporting event, the small Republic could be talked about worldwide even in 2022. However, the skeptics were disappointed because even in these 12 months the Sporting Republic has particularly distinguished itself. Stella Paoletti, World Champion in Mersin, Sport Bocce specialty Raffa, put her name next to the very few who have succeeded on an individual level. Federbocce in 2022 superstar, bronze of Enrico Dall’Olmo in precision shooting, and great performances and medals also in the Mediterranean Games held in Oran in Algeria, where the San Marino delegation came out to applause. World champions in bowls e Italian Champions in Baseball. In game 7, the 2-1 win over Parma allowed the blue-and-white beat and run to sew the tricolor title onto the shirts.

In addition to the great results, we also remember that of Myles Amine Mularoni gold medal at the European Wrestling Championships in Budapest, you can review all the events that characterize the 12 months on and off the territory: from Rally Legend, garlic International Tennis, at the MotoGp, speaking of which, the match played in Montecchio was much appreciated, with the sports center packed for the nice football exhibition of the MotoGp riders. Football with Three Flowers able to go through even in the Conference League. And yet another sad page that has affected the entire San Marino community. The tragic death of Simone De Luigi and Giada PenseriniSimone was a very young promise of blue and white tennis.

All this and so much more in approx 50 minutes all to be discovered, tomorrow night at 19.50 on San Marino RTV .


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