Ruud mentions Bautista as a role model

There is a profile of a tennis player who wins matches and championships based on his solidity, consistency and regularity. These are qualities that take you very far in a sport that demands every last drop of sweat, that rewards constant evolution and adaptability to new scenarios, where immobility or neglect are severely punished. Casper Ruud is a clear example of this: we are talking about a guy who lets his results make all the noise in the world, who takes care of his preparation and his tennis to the maximum, with a work ethic undeniable and who has been in charge of silencing all the critics who described him as a player only on clay.

With finals in events as prominent as the US Open waves ATP Finals, Casper has put down roots in the noble zone of the ATP ranking, specifically in a top-5 that seemed like a utopia just a year and a half ago. His progression is ascending and constant, but behind it there are several very interesting secrets that speak clearly of his mentality and player profile. After defeating Carlos Alcaraz in the match for third and fourth place in the Mubadala World Tennis Championshipruud passed by press conference and surprised the public by setting an example to follow a guy who has not achieved results as dazzling as his in Grand Slam.

That, however, is not everything for Ruud. The focus with which you dedicate yourself to this sport matters more… and in that there are few more sacrificed players than Roberto Bautista. “My tennis is not the most powerful, flashy or beautiful, but my main objective is to be solid and consistent. One of my role models is Roberto Bautista: It has made me see that if you are solid and you stay there throughout the year, good things are going to happen to you”, said the Norwegian in a few words collected by José Morgado. It is a declaration of intent, a way of highlighting the work behind the results, as well as a nod to one of the hardest workers on the circuit, a true stonecutter who now inspires players younger than him.


Many have questioned Ruud’s preparation for next season, and the thing is that the Norwegian has not stood still at a time when players prefer to stay away from the courts. After his second Grand Slam final, at the US Open, Casper regretted going on the Asian tour, adding mileage to legs that seemed unresponsive; Of course, he would completely rebuild himself with a creditable final at the ATP Finals, which seemed like a perfect ending to a really demanding season. However, the man from Oslo embarked on an adventure with his greatest idol, attending the Latin American exhibition tour of Rafael Nadal.

At a press conference, Casper explained his approach and spoke about the particularities of his calendar: for him, the Australian Open 2023 will be a continuation of this seasonthe last stop before a well-deserved rest. “When I agreed to do the exhibitions with Rafa, my team and I decided to go ahead. We will stop and work on my tennis after the Australian Open.”. A roadmap that strays from the conventional, but that may result in a Grand Slam in which he could not participate last season. Will it be correct? Will the number #3 in the world manage to surprise again in a Major? Only time will tell.


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