Reduces a dying Tunisian with a baseball bat, caught – Campania

Reduces a dying Tunisian with a baseball bat, caught – Campania

Violent attack at the Casal di Principe bar. 21 years in jail

(ANSA) – CASERTA, DECEMBER 19 – Carabinieri arrested a 21-year-old in Casal di Principe (Caserta) accused of beating a 53-year-old Tunisian to death with a baseball bat; attack in a bar in the city of Caserta on the night of December 12. The carabinieri of the Giugliano station in Campania (Naples) investigated the episode, which learned of the attack at the Giugliano Hospital, where the victim had presented with several head injuries; from there, the 53-year-old Tunisian was then transferred due to the seriousness of the conditions to the hospital in Pozzuoli, where he is currently hospitalized with a guarded prognosis.

The soldiers found that the attack had taken place in a bar in Casal di Principe; through the CCTV footage of the bar and the testimonies of the other customers present, it emerged that the Tunisian was hit several times for futile reasons by the local young man, who did not hesitate to violently hit the head of the victim with a heavy baseball bat. The 21-year-old was thus arrested for attempted murder by the carabinieri on the order of the prosecutor’s office in northern Naples; the provision will now have to be validated by the judge of the preliminary investigations. (MANIPULATE).


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