“Re crazy? Only those who try fail and you are a crack»

The hangover from the Brazilian defeat against Croatia in the penalty shootout in the World Cup quarterfinals is long. The five-time champion is out of a tournament in which she was a favorite and the sadness in her protagonists is almost infinite. One of the most affected players is the maximum star of the ‘vereamarela’, Neymar Júnior. The PSG footballer recently published some private conversations (and they are consent) with several teammates after the World Cup upset. In them, he gives captain Thiago Silva encouragement to the two men who missed from 11 meters against the Balkans: Marquinhos and Rodrygo.

“I decided to expose (without their permission) the messages to see how much we wanted to win and how united we were. These were some of the many messages I exchanged with the group. Feeling very sad, but we have to be stronger to keep going and I am I’m sure that, with the support of all the fans, we’ll come back stronger. I’m a Brazilian with a lot of pride, with a lot of love!” Neymar said on Instagram.

Love to Rodrygo

Neymar: “It is an honor to be part of your career, to hear you say that I am your idol and to see how you become one of the greatest in the history of Brazil. The penalty is only missed by those who try it, I missed many in my career and I learned with those mistakes, but I have never given up, I have always sought to improve in everything. I love you not only as a player, but also as the good person you are. Keep it up, without changing anything and criticism will make you stronger and you will remember from what I told you: “Someday, you will bring a drink to Brazil. I wish you the best in the world, disconnect, rest and come back stronger. I will be here for whatever you need, without demagogy”.

Rodrygo: “Thank you, my idol, from the bottom of my heart. Sorry for anything and for delaying your dream. I hope you continue with the selection. That way, we can win the World Cup together, of course, if it’s the best for you. We are always together and thanks for the love”.

Neymar: “You don’t have to fucking apologize. Are you crazy? Only those who try fail and you’re a crack. But I’ll teach you how to shoot. We’re together.”

On the other hand, the Brazilian star dedicated another beautiful text to his teammate at PSG marquinhos: “Be strong, take advantage of the time with your family and never forget that, in addition to your colleague, I am your fan, friend and I wish you the best. I love you and we are still together”, to which he replied: “Take care of yourself Also, we will need each other in the upcoming battles.”

But Neymar’s emotional messages were with the veteran Thiago Silva, who, like Dani Alves, will not play a World Cup again. “It’s being more fucked up than I thought. I’m not being able to bear it. I still can’t believe we lost. I can’t believe it. Every time I remember it, I want to cry,” said the Chelsea defender.



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