Raúl Bergua from Huelva wins the U-17 Top Master Final in Huelva

Raúl Bergua (Huesca La Magia) from Huesca won yesterday the Top Master Final, which was held in Huelva with the participation of eight selected players. He thus took revenge in part of his elimination in the singles and doubles semifinals of the Spanish Championship that was played the previous week in Huelva’s capital.

Bergua beat local player Guillermo Nuviala in the final, who started as the number one seed. The final score was 21-16, 21-13.

To qualify for it, both they had had to overcome individual leagues between four players. Bergua beat Martín Mosquera (Huelva) 21-10 and 21-12; José Antonio Serrano (Benalmádena) by 21-18, 21-7 and Ruben Carreras (La Orden) by 21-15, 21-16.

Huesca sub-11 champions and runners-up in Alfajarín.
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The tournament was one of the great annual events by name and federation score, although the accumulation of national championships lately and other events, caused the participation to be exclusively Andalusian, with the exception of Huesca. In any case, it represents an important sum of points for the national classification.

TTR Alfajarin

On the other hand, a TTR Tournament was held in Alfajarín with a good participation and representation of the Alto Aragonese clubs, especially in the smallest categories.

The only individual victory was that of Lucía Rodríguez from Huesca in the under-11s, as the winner of a group in which Ixeia Escartín was second. Lorenzo Dieste from Huesca was second in the men’s singles in the same category, also in a group. In the doubles, Lucía Rodríguez and Martín Coronas beat Ixeia Escartín and Lorenzo Dieste in the final

In sub-13, with greater participation, leagues and a reduced final draw, Daniel Paúl (Huesca) was runner-up, after losing the final with Leonid Vovchenko (Belmecher) by 21-12, 21-16). He had previously won three games.

In the sub-19 doubles, Javier Machín and Lorién Ortega were third in a group, ahead of their teammates Mario Banzo and Leo Valdivia.

In the sub-13 doubles Nerea Marco, from Binéfar, with Juan García from Daroca, were second in the mixed group. María Casales and Amanda Dieste were third in a women’s league in which the three couples won one game and lost another and it was decided by difference in games and points.

And in sub-19 Andrea Mingarro and Adrián Escuer were second in the group ahead of Sara Bibián and Pablo Arbués, from VV. osca.


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