Ranking the Phillies’ 4 biggest offseason moves so far.

Trea Turner, Phillies (Photo par Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Ranking the four biggest moves made by the Philadelphia Phillies during the offseason.

The Philadelphia Phillies, the defending National League champions, aren’t going to settle for a trip to the World Series and a loss. They had one of the best offseasons in Major League Baseball. The moves they made are, without a doubt, positive for the 2023 season and even beyond.

The team could still use a few improvements before opening day rolls around. Another arm for rotation would make the fans feel much better.

The four biggest moves they made were necessary. How do they rank?

1) The Phillies deserve praise for signing Trea Turner.

There may not be many better combinations in this year’s class of free agency than Trea Turner and the Phillies. He gives them a much-needed boost at shortstop. After a year of seeing Kyle Schwarber as the lead hitter, Turner can help give them a more natural fit to put atop the roster.

Turner was probably the player fans most wanted to see signed by the Phillies. They didn’t wait long. He was the first free agent to sign a contract.

The shortstop position has remained vacant in Philadelphia for the past few years. Unnatural players like Scott Kingery or late-career players like Didi Gregorius came to fill the gaps in the position.

The story has changed for the 2023 season and beyond. This signing deserves a big A. The only downside might be the number of years. The 11-year contract worth $300 million will age as badly as any long-term contract. We will worry about this in the future. Phillies fans want to win now.

Note for signature of Trea Turner: A

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