Raf Simons 2023 spring and summer series first wave image blockbuster officially released_Tesla_style_Model

Original title: Raf Simons 2023 spring and summer series first wave image blockbuster officially released

Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

The first image blockbuster was officially released

Source: Raf Simons

Raf Simons, who recently announced his graduation, officially released the first image blockbuster of its final quarter 2023 spring and summer series.this time Photographer Willy Vanderperre, who shot the 2022 autumn and winter series of advertisements, joined hands with stylist Olivier Rizzo to interpret retro futurism in a different style. Interested friends should not miss it.

Billionaire Boys Club officially launched

Holiday Winter 2022 Capsule Collection

Source: Billionaire Boys Club

Recently, Billionaire Boys Club released the 2022 holiday capsule collection themed on space life.The overall design style Maintaining a consistent street feel and infusing it with a variety of seasonal exclusive patterns, including digital style camouflage print jackets, astronaut embroidered wool baseball jackets, luminous neon effect hoodies, sweaters, matching suits, jeans, cargo pants , T-shirt and a series of single products, interested friends should not miss it.

Tesla Announces Steam Games

Officially available on Model S and Model X

Source: Tesla

After introducing Netflix and YouTube’s video streaming services, Tesla recently made another round of work, officially announcing that more than a thousand Steam games will be officially launched on the latest Model S and Model X cars. As the saying goes, if you walk too fast, you will be fooled. Regarding in-vehicle games, I suggest that you should be cautious.

cc-tapis launches new Archer carpet collection

Source: cc-tapis

Iranian artist Taher Asad-Bakhtiari created the Archer series of cc-tapis. The two sides brought seven hand-knotted carpets, colorful and expressive, exploring the energy of “arrow” and “triangle”.

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