Rabiot is really annoyed with Mbappe because of this


Adrien Rabiot expressed his frustration with Kylian Mbappe. His colleague in the French national team did one thing that really annoyed him.

As reported by the Mirror, Rabiot revealed his feelings about Mbappe. When interviewed The Media Carre, the Juventus midfielder mentioned one thing he didn’t like about Mbappe.

Rabiot revealed that he was not happy with Mbappe’s attitude during the interview. The French national team striker changed his voice, which apparently annoyed Rabiot.

“Kylian bugs me when he changes his voice in interviews. When we’re together he talks normally, but when you watch the interview, I don’t know why, his voice changes. It’s annoying and stressful,” said Adrien Rabiot.

Rabiot’s comments about Mbappe are certainly in the context of a joke. Because, both of them are former colleagues at Paris Saint-Germain, also now together to defend the French national team.

Finally, Adrien Rabiot and Kylian Mbappe can lead the French national team to become runners up for the 2022 World Cup. Les Bleus lost in the final to Argentina on penalties.

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